MIG Welding Techniques and Tips

This section is a bit of a mix. It covers some essential techniques for car bodywork welding, and also some other aspects of DIY welding machines.

Thin Metal

Blowing holes in thin metal? MIG welders aren't well suited to welding steel under 1mm thick.

Here's a technique that should be good for 0.6mm sheet.

Welding thin metal

Gasless MIG Welding

You can use it in the wind. A page with pros, cons and techniques.

Gasless weld

Plug weld

Plug welding is a DIY alternative to spot welding. It's a useful technique in automotive repairs where the panels were originally spot welded.

plug weld

Finishing Welds

There's only one way to end up with the invisible welded repair and it doesn't involve your ordinary angle grinding disc. This one is a real welding secret.

Finishing Welds

Welding thick metal

Manufacturers claims of welder capability often seem exaggerated. The Clarke 90EN claims to be capable of welding 4mm steel sheet, but the calculator says 2mm. The page looks into the techniques required to achieve the claimed thickness.

90 amp welder

Tips and tricks

A few random thoughts and techniques that haven't found a home elsewhere in the tutorial.

tips and troubleshooting
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