MIG Welding

How to MIG weld - Tutorial

The tutorial is aimed at first time to intermediate welders. It covers setting up the welder, demonstrates technique, and uses videos of welding in progress to show what should happen. That's a screenshot from one of the videos to the right.

Welding tutorial

MIG Welding Techniques

A range of techniques mostly aimed at hobby welding machines and car bodywork.

Techniques for welding thin metal and plug welding, finishing welds, gasless welding, and how to weld thicker metal with a low amp welder.


Welding other metals

How to set up a MIG welder to weld aluminium, and techniques for aluminium welding.

Also hobby applications of mig brazing wire including how it can be used to repair cast iron.

Aluminium welding and cast iron brazing

MIG welders and equipment

A buyers guide describing what to look for in a MIG welder.

The section also includes welder servicing information, links to operators manuals, and information about various shielding gasses.

Buying a MIG and other equipment

Shielding Gas

A comparison between the different types of shielding gas available for MIG welding, and links to further information.

Shielding Gas

Practical welding and auto restoration

These pages contain examples of sill and wheel arch repairs, including templates, metal bending, fabrication techniques and jigs.

Practical welding

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