Mk5 Transit Minibus Project

  1. Thanks for the tip, must find a mk5 near me to photograph
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    Yes, your transit is so rusted away, there is little to refer to when making repair panels up for it so you would be wise to get photos as a reference point.

    The other way is to make templates out of cardboard (cereal or cat food boxes) that bridge the holes and replace all the rust. Make the template go back to sound metal, then use the templates to mark out the size of repair panels needed on sheet steel. Then offer up the repair sections you have made to the appropriate area of the vehicle, mark where the two meet, and cut out the rust.

    Your repair sections will then butt weld up nicely and you can weld them in.
  3. Alright Ron, ill getcha' some more sheet if i can if you have run out, it i salways better when tacking to have the power up higher and do a shorter burst and also to get a better weld point the gun ever so slightly into the last weld and clean metal is the way forward, a friend of mine was close to taking his welder back to machinemart and he sait you give it a try and i ground the bits of metal they weree shiney an inch or so either side of where there was to weld and it worked fine,, 6 kids blimey!!!! ill bring me ryot shield!!!
  4. Thanks for the tips
  5. Thanks for the tips.

    I have used 1.2mm for all the floor & am 1 piece short approx 800mm x 330mm, if you could get this I would be well happy.
    I am also short on the sheet for the bodywork (guessing 0.6mm-0.8mm) 500mm x 500mm x 3.
    That should be enough sheet to finish all the welding, if I manage to get any later today or Thursday I will let you know but I doubt it as it is all 3mm+ round here.

    Catch you Friday & yes don't forget ya ryot shield.:laughing:
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    That's an epic project to get it MoT ready for next week. Good luck. I hope you manage.
  7. Both sills finally done, not great but should pass MOT?
    Working on the chassis & rear x-member

  8. Thanks
  9. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    Very neat,Ron but we would like to see the welding job. :whistle:
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    I agree,take that treadplate out of the footwell,still covered in rust:whistle:
  11. opps, silly me did not take any pictures of the welds, not to worry, plenty more welding to do will ensure I take pictures of the next welds before bodging, opps I mean tidying up.
  12. Norm Member

    Hi Ron, been following your venture into the world of welding and been keeping my fingers crossed for you with regards to getting your van ready and mot'd on time. Your certainly a brave man tackling that from what I have seen, how is it going and do you think you will meet your deadline ?

    Regards Norm
  13. Hi Norn, thanks for the fingers crossed, gave the van the complete once over today & a little set back, I know should of done that a month ago, o well u live u learn, the hard way in my case,
    is that I need to buy heavy duty axle stands asap to complete the job, as need to remove both rear wheels, o/s needs chassis replacing like the n/s :o (hoping with the wheel off I may be able to plate it x 3) & n/s needs plate inserting inside wheel arch :o all extra work on top off rear corners & rear x-member & some minor plates inside.

    I also need 1000mm x 500mm 1.2mm sheet 2 finish the rear floor that I cannot get yet! :whistle: Anyone?

    The 2 cross-member templates were made today on my drive with the help of my blue pallet left over from an old delivery:laughing:, as well as the o/s inside rear corner, a different chassis plate & 2 plates to weld on the rear arch inside.

    I am 100% on track :laughing:
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  14. BMH Member

    Making sure your rear crossmember and rear lower inner corners are very clean is hard as you struggle to get in with a grinder unless you have a belt sander, if not use the sharp corner of wood chissel to scrape the sealer and rust back to shinny metal, i do them like this if i don't have any oxy to gas weld them.
    Yours is about right for a transit, the last 3 i have done have had 42" long plates welded on the rear floor above the chassis rails, i don't think you can buy the rear lower corners, inner or outer so possibly try and buy a rear arch just for the rear lower corner part because you will have something to work from for shape.
    The last 3 i did took around 40 hours each just in repair time, i only grind down the welds that can be seen on the outer body, the welds on the rear floor and underneath don't get welded as it is time consuming, noisey and costs money in electric and wasted flap disks.

  15. Just a few of the welds done over the weekend, it is so bloody hard to weld under a van, I did not know how flexible you had to be :o
    Going to tidy them all up Monday & then tackle the x-member & dreaded lower n/s corner :laughing:


    This corner one was not that bad

    This one was a nightmare
  16. Shedendman

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  17. Plated the x-member & n/s lower rear corner inside, :clapping:
    Lots of tidying to do :whistle:



  18. schnappi Member

    Decent enough fabrication, good pace of working but those welds look ummm... a bit iffy? Not sure I'd feel safe in a van that's had so much metal replaced where the welds were done to that standard.
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    i cut a transit minibus up last year that was in better condition then yours as i couldnt be bothered to weld the bits up we did decorate it first with yellow line marking paint :laughing:
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    I've got to say it: Even my old boss wouldn't have passed some of that welding, and he liked to hike the beggars through...