Mk5 Transit Minibus Project

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    Iron ore is about $140 per ton :)
  2. Very funny guys :clapping:

    On a serious note, got a problem. Cannot get an arc?

    Managed to blag some 2mm mild steel pieces to practise with today.
    Thought I would set up my mig welder for no gas 1st, just to try a couple of welds as never done any before, then was going to swap over to try gas welding.

    I grinded the plate so it is nice & shiny, attached the earth clamp, touch the plate with the torch & nothing happens, no arc, the powers on, can hear the fan running & pulling the trigger feeds the wire.

    Any ideas what I am doing wrong!
  3. Just to make sure I am trying correct.
    Do I pull the trigger at the same time of touching the wire on the metal plate?
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    try arcing up on the earth clamp to see if it arcs up or not then if not check your earth clamp and cable nuts tight etc if it's a plug in earth pull the rubber cover off to see if connected just all the basic checks your earth must be ground clean shiny metal migs don't like rust :welder:
  5. Sorted it was me :scared: not knowing what I was doing, I thought as soon as you touched the wire on the plate it would arc :laughing:

    It seems if you pull the trigger at the same time fully & hold it, then it arcs:clapping:

    Well laid my 1st few gasless welds, just to get used to the helmet & holding the torch, it's a lot harder than I thought.

    Thinking it may be better if I set up the gas mig in the morning & then concentrate on the various power/wire speed settings to see which one suits this metal & me or should I use the gasless welding more just to use up the flux wire that came with the welder & master trying to hold the torch steady.
  6. My 1st gasless welds, will set the gas up in the morning.


  7. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    Ron continue with gasless welding for now until you have got some experience of settings and welds,anything after this can only be better ie using the gas because the gas is the most expensive part.

    Did you get a auto darkening helmet?
  8. ok, I will carry on with the gasless untill better

    Yes got this auto darkening helmet from here
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    That's priceless Ron, really made me laugh thanks :clapping: You have to move the torch forward and keep it at the correct distance from the metal as well but that will all become evident as your journey progresses :D Best of luck with the Transit and keep plugging away.
  10. Must admit I was scratching my head puzzled for 5-10 minutes on why it was not arcing. Was even thinking of calling my welder supplier for a second.

    Well I did say I was new to this. I must have watched too many (what I know now are) permanent live fed torch videos on the tube
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  11. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    So have you burnt any holes in the van bigger than the other ones yet,Ron.;)
  12. the holes alreasy in the van? i'm off to give some advice and assistance on teh 17th and hope i can getcha' laying some half decent beads by the end of the day

    must remember to get some steel for you, do you need and sheet/tin for the actual repairs

  13. i took on welding my transit when you think you have all the holes look again i thought i only had two more plates and found two more holes as well i added you as a friend on the transit forum

    by the way welder i have is a clarke 151te and using argon shield light from boc
  14. Decided Fu** it :clapping:,

    Had a go on the van & yes burnt a couple of holes here & there 2-3mm, but they were easily fixed :clapping:, got me hammer out underneath to ensure I got decent penetration as I guess the MOT man may do the same, 1 bit lifted up so turned the dial up on the welder 1 click & run a little 1" dodgy bead:whistle:, re-hammered & solid, ps a chisel also helped test for penetration. Pics up when I remember how.

    I am having big trouble with penetration?:ashamed: TIPS PLEASE.

    What causes spitting welds? I know some & tried to no avail, also it seems to be a blow torch now & then & melted the tip into the swan neck :mad: replaced now and making templates all day today for minibus floor, :D Enjoyed every bit of it.

    Still don't know what I am doing, looking forward to lawnmowerboy :clapping: coming round on the 17th to teach me how to weld correctly. Can't wait to be able to do proper beads I am proud off.

    In the meantime due to my deadline of having this minibus taxed, insured & mot'd for me to drive for my 40th on the Morning off the 25th February 2012 I need to get on & learn from my mistakes on the way.

    I.E will try more welding in the morning lol, only joking minibus needs a few more hours of preperation, lots of Grinding & cutting.

    Can anyone give me any tips on how to do the rear n/s corner as mine is f'd I do not know how it should be crafted.

    I will shut up now


    & I DID THIS


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    If he does he can get in trouble for it. He's only supposed to use the MOT approved plastic hammer :D
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    Whilst its possible to run beads on the thicker chassis section,you have to be very careful of distortion,stick with the thin metal technique,easier to learn ,can be used on bodywork and chassis alike,much less likely to cause distortion and keep the welds actually on the join....and it will penetrate if you select the correct volts/wirespeed,,,,easier on vertical and overhead when learning too :whistle: :laughing:
  18. gavuk

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    Looks like your patches need cleaning more 1/2"-1"minimum,are you using a flap disc or just a grinding disc?....also the welds look cold although yer pics are cr*p :laughing:.....what settings and wire size etc?
  19. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    I think you need to practice more,Ron...preferably on thicker steel to get the hang of the welder settings.

    I mean you only just bought the welder and it takes a bit of time to get the correct settings adjust to the speed.

    Was the gas getting through alright?
  20. Thanks for the honesty,

    grinding disc to start & then flap disc
    cutting disc to cut sheet

    cold welds (pics cr*p) :laughing:.....what settings and wire size etc?[/QUOTE]
    your a ******, honesty

    0.6mm A-3-Max A-3-Min A-2-Min, tried them all