Mk5 Transit Minibus Project

  1. So I can just chop the blue connector off & re-wire to a decent 13 amp plug & buy a few 13 amp spare fuses just in case.
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    that might do the warrenty no favours...better to leave it on and get a blue socket from screwfix or somewhere and tail it onto a lenth of 3 core with a normal plug on the other end. Ive got this setup with 2 meters of cable- blue socket-13 amp;)
  3. Good Idea roofman, do you mean something like this;

    Fit this on one end of the 3 core & a standard 13 amp plug on the other.
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    No, that's a plug! Which is what you were going to cut off!
    But that's not relevant anyway, as it won't have any plug on it!
    You just need to put a normal household plug on the ends of the cable.
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  5. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    That was not possible on my mig as the cable was too thick.

    I bought a caravan socket and plug from Toolstation as in the link RT posted
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    converta plug and extension

    if you want to put a 16amp plug on it just use a caravan hook up cable and a extra plug fit extra 16amp plug to welder then you end up with a 16amp extension lead and a plug on the welder

    you can need a 13amp plug and a bit off 16amp wire and a socket like this one

    caravan cable 16amp cable
    welders don't work well on thin extension leads

    talk to weldequip on the phone tell him about the deals you have he may match them you can only ask him


  7. Great, that saves a lot of guessing, just need to sort out which welder I am getting.

    weldequip has already stated all over these forums, he cannot complete with mm when they do the vat free deal & that ends at midnight tonight.

    151EN Turbo £194.99 vat free or do I hold out for a better deal?
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    Both items are 1.5mm², ideally you should be looking for 2.5mm² cable to reduce volt drop. Ask at your local electrical wholesales for 2.5mm² blue artic cable to make up the leads, they will also stock the blue plugs/sockets.

    Note all the above are blue, this is recognised for 240V, the yellow cable in first link denotes 110V!
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    buy it it's a good price and you get the warranty as well
  10. Bought the 151EN Turbo welder finally :clapping:

    Off to my local WF Electrical wholesalers later today, thanks robostar

    They have a couple of metal fabrication companies on the same industrial estate so may try and get some off cut for training as well :whistle:
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    Isn't that a no gas welder?

    This powerful 150 amp dual purpose machine offers the advantages of standard MIG welding but without the need for gas bottles. It can easily be converted to use conventional shielding gases but is supplied with a special flux-coated wire that produces it's own gas shroud as it burns. This feature simplifys its use and makes it ideal for outside
  12. Yep for now.

    I mentioned in my previous posts going to buy the convertion from weldequip so I can use the 5% Argon mix from people like Adams gas
  13. I also just found what you was talking about re: toolstation, will pop in me electrical store as they may have them in branch & the branch is only a 10 minute walk for me
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    Always use Toolstation now as its free delivery £10 or over.

    Screwfix has gone through the roof with their pricing and is a bigger company.
    However,some stuff Tooly sell is not worth a blow on a ragmans trumpet but they don't sulk when yer return the gear.
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    Screwfix are owned by the same company as B&Q so no wonder their pricing is getting worse it will be the same as B&Q soon if not already i aint been to B&Q in a long while
  19. Quick update on my project.
    Managed to sell a few bits that are not going back on the minibus, mainly to clear some space to work.

    Had quite a few deliveries the last couple of days, welder/gas/regulator/ppe/grinding discs/cutting discs/tin snips ect, going to try & get some metal to learn with later today.

    Will make sure to take a few pictures for you all to comment on good or bad.
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    Can you sell rust these days,Ron.;)