Mk5 Transit Minibus Project

  1. I aint got the time to wait around & mess about, (Health) hence the jump or even **** up here or their.
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  2. Thanks Gavuk
  3. Don't worry I am trying to fill them huge holes as you sleep, I also have 6 kids at home for 1 week, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh.
    Opps on the 17th they will be here, be warned m8!
    Looking forward to learning from you the correct way.
    P.S Just think of the cafe up the road, if you're teaching me well enough I'll pay, lol
  4. Yes I agree but the wife is not that patience, sod her I must get this minibus through it's mot way b4 the 24/02/2012, yes it is hard.

    What about what I have done? is it wrong? will it undo? u tell me?

    Before you say it I will, NO NO NO not rushing the welds as spent all day today grinding/sanding/preping ect, so getting on with it.
  5. Expect to spend all day Saturday grinding/sanding/preping & maybe weld 1 of the 8 plates I made on Friday sometime.
  6. Cool, thanks for that
  7. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    For a start your not a very good photographer:whistle::D

    Spatter:the metal might be contaminated? get the metal shiny on both the old and the new,also make sure the earth clamp is somewhere near the weld area if poss and clean.

    Make sure the gas is flowing? you never answered this q.

    How goods the wire feeding? is it in the correct channel on the feed roller?

    Gawd I'm only a beginner as well,I only weld in warm weather :cool:;)
  8. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    Its F'in naff.....well I do have a bad toothache at present and I can't sleep with it.:mad:

    Half a day preparing the jobs and a couple of hours trying to burn erm! weld plates to eachother...preferably test the way are you tacking the stuff in place first?
  9. Chickenjohn

    Chickenjohn Morris Minor and Porsche 944 fan

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    I've seen worse on MOT'd cars! Grind them down with a flap wheel.

    To improve neatness of welds, have plenty of light on the work and use a reactive helmet, you will see what you are doing a lot better and the welds will get neater. If continuous from below then they will be up to MOT standards, by the look of those photos.
  10. The gas is flowing, wire seems to be feeding ok & it's on the correct channel
    Shame I did not decide to weld only in the warm weather
  11. Yes tacking 1st
  12. Got a reactive helmet, thanks for the tips, I have only welded them from above do I also have to continuous weld underneath to be MOT standard?
  13. zx9

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    Just a thought, was it a windy day? Perhaps you could make some sort of wind break to stop the shielding gas blowing away.
  14. Forgot about that, good idea, perhaps that is why a couple of times the arc seemed like a mini blowtourch briefly for a few seconds, it must have been a breeze coming through the van.
  15. What do I do now? :laughing: Not sure what to tackle next.





  16. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    Its not in bad nick that van,is it Ron. :laughing:

    Seroiusly though,I'd have to be certified or eccentric to carry out the required work on it.
  17. I don't have a choice but to bodge/fix it, Consider me eccentric or certified. :laughing:

    It's only;
    both outer sills
    both rear corners
    rest of n/s floor
    & an odd bit here or there :laughing:

    Done the right hand side rear floor (6 x plates) :clapping:
    drivers floor (1 x plate) :clapping:
    passenger floor (4 x plates) :clapping:

    Just not sure what order to tackle the rest in, want it finished & mot'ed by the 24/02/2012 at the lastest:whistle:
  18. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    Back in the late 80's? I had a mini van,the back floor was shot near the wheel arches and I cut it out and went to a scrappy/s to find one with a decent floor and cut that out,got it arc welded by a mate as I wasn't into welding then.

    Cost me £40 altogether ie floor cut out and welding.
  19. Most people would rather just buy a replacement & scrap nowadays then repair.
  20. Chickenjohn

    Chickenjohn Morris Minor and Porsche 944 fan

    East Kent
    Crikey, did someone park it in the sea???

    In this case, I would photograph a simmilar aged Transit and try and replace all the rusted away panels. That looks pretty bad though! You will need a lot of steel or a lot of new panels.