Mk5 Transit Minibus Project

  1. No, you should check out the transit forum mines in great condition :laughing:
  2. Tested the welder out again today.

    The tensioner was overtight & the tip was :ashamed:
    Replaced the tip & adjusted the tensioner now getting constant arcs on lower settings only :mad:

    I have a clarke 151en and if I have 1/2/min selected perfect arc/bead if I change it to 1/3/min or higher it goes pop pop pop, I plug the welder into my cooker socket.

    Thanks for all the advice, it's my 40th in the morning :whistle: don't think I will get any work done till Monday now.
  3. Thanks for your kind comments, may try and get a video sorted next week
  4. wire speed errm polarity cause it's an EN
  5. stuvy

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    happy birthday for the weekend just gone buddy
  6. Thanks
  7. any progress yet mate?
  8. Finally finished the floor, still having a bit of trouble getting a constant arc.

    Gonna practise more as need to do the rear outside corners & as they will not be plated but cut out to match, I will need to be a lot more delicate, really don't want to be grinding for hours on end or weld them on wonky :whistle:


  9. Chickenjohn

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    Good job!

    Welds are looking a LOT better Ron! How does the penetration look on the underside?
  10. when you put it in you will be really pleased that you sorted it my van passed its mot first time so very pleased it was almost looking like scrap but i got mine throu in the end
  11. Did ya get any close-ups of the welds

  12. Chickenjohn

    Chickenjohn Morris Minor and Porsche 944 fan

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    Good point lawnmowerboy, are the latest set of welds consistently good now your welder is working better? Close up shots please?
  13. ok to me.
  14. Well done craig8661:clapping:

    Normally I would have run this in for scrap, but wanted a project to do & save a great motor from the crusher, just found out today all the brakes need replacing as well as various bolts/pipes on the engine :laughing: Whatever all parts for the brakes ordered & looking forward to fitting them all when I have learnt how :laughing:


    Just ordered the FLARE NUT SPANNER but need to buy DOT 4 Brake fluid to complete.
  15. NO, but will do soon as not done the rear corners as I need to be delicate with these.

    Checked out the whole van today as done lots of internal little jobs & refitted the interior including all 8 seats before I tackle the rear corners & the front n/s arch needs a plate welding inside around the top of the suspension spring. A bit like a rectangle with a half circle cut out one side to go round the suspension.

    Will use this as the perfect excuse to get much better at welding :D

    Will photograph the whole process from start to finish & get advice/comments on here along the way
  16. No, welder still not right on higher settings but I am still learning & see my previous reply to lawnmowerboy.
  17. hi ron i have about half a gallon of dot4 brake fluid yu can have when i come down

    how does next weekend sound as i haven't got to work

  18. Dam just bought 5l brake fluid today thanks, should have checked in here earlier, next weekend sounds good sat or sun is fine with me just let me know which day is good for you? can you also give me a rough time bracket you will be here for so I can plan it with the family? i.e 9am-9pm format.

    Also forget the project, it's more important to me that I learn to mig weld correctly & I have got hold of a brand new & sealed arc welder so hopefully you will have time to teach me the basics of that as well :laughing:
  19. On checking me front arch it did not need a plate welding :D it was the old crap Ford underseal dried & cracked, so removed the crap & re-undersealed the whole van :clapping:

    I have lots of non-welding things to do on the van so will go quiet for a little while.

    See my previous post reguards me learning to mig weld correctly & maybe arc :laughing:

    Will post many pics after the lesson for comments
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    5 litres of brake fluid ? That's a lifetime supply :D Lots of grinding and painting should sort it out as long as it's structurally sound.