Mk5 Transit Minibus Project

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    Most of that brake fluid will be waste unless you have a small fleet of vehicles with brakes that need bleeding. DOT fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere so after you've opened the bottle it will begin deteriorating, after a few months I'd say that it isn't safe to use.
  2. Got the 5L as it was cheaper to buy 5L than 2 x 1L & also sold off what I don't use already to a family friend
  3. No updates as Sunday was to wet & today was to windy :laughing:
  4. Yeh, the weather was mingin'
    How does Sunday the 25th sound
    If you wanna have a try at stick welding too the most important thing is some decent rods as i have used the screwfix/aldi ones and here is more slag than weld, the best thickness is 3.2mm to learn with and i'll remember the bits a metal
  5. 25th sounds good as run out of gas & not got the funds at the mo to refill
  6. Any updates mate?

    yeah the 25th is alright ive just checked will you have gas by then?
  7. MOT @ 9:30am this morning, passed with no advisories :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Came straight home & got me insurance & tax sorted, been out all day visiting a few family members, just having dinner & taking all the kids out :D

    MOT Tester said WOW you have done a lot of work on that m8 :lol:

    A Big Big Thank You to everybody who has helped me along the way :D

    Will keep the thread going as I progress with other stuff, I can finally enjoy the fruits of my labour :D
  8. Should do, I will let you know if I have any problems getting it.
  9. gavuk

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    Fantastic news Ron,well done for sticking with is the time to get better at welding.. .....before the next mot :whistle: :laughing:
  10. I don't think it has an MOT now Gav. Alright if not i'll bring my co2 bottle, I can't really notice the difference but i suppose I could bring it any way and have a bit of a comparison.
  11. Ahh that's fantastic news i didn't see the post when i was reading through!!!!!
  12. Norm Member

    well done Ron :clapping: great news, brave man for taking it on in the first place and all due respect for sticking with it.
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    Well done.
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    Really good news Ron, well done:clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:
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    Nice one Ron, well done :cool:
  16. schnappi Member

    Well done!! Really pleased for you! :clapping:
  17. Chickenjohn

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    Well done Ron! It's a great feeling isn't it? getting a car through an MOT after so much work!
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    Well done Fella, bet the kids are over the moon.
  19. stuvy

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    congratulations mate!:clapping:
  20. Thanks everyone for your nice comments, it feels fantastic to finally get the MOT in me hand & I did that no-one else. :D:D