Aluminium tig guide getting started.

  1. cheers @Richard.
    You’re right though, I dabbed the tungsten into the pool and my filler into the tungsten more than once. I’ll get some plate for practice when I’m back from work. At least I know I can stick 2 pieces of ally together. :D
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    An interesting thread and I too am still learning. My box of practice pieces was filling up nicely until I stopped creating soot and puddle dipping. Stick with it you'll win in the end. :thumbup:

    Kind regards, Colin.

    Practice welds_0001.JPG

    Echoing Munkul's excellent advice to me; PRACTICE; PRACTICE; PRACTICE. I'm now not too bad on flat sheet but I'm finding curved surfaces a whole new load of fun.
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  3. I love that you have a practice bin :D
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    ok, I need to probably print off a lot of this thread and re read it,
    I have never used a TIG but have acquired an old Transtig 260 squarewave ac/dc tig, should be connected to power next week, I think / hope I have someone who will teach me the basics but in advance of that I need to get some rods, what should I get, size and grade, ideally I would like a mixed sample pack but I don't see any advertised, don't want a kilo of some size I will never use, for a start I have some alloy chequer plate to weld and an alloy wheel to repair (under supervision)

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    If you look at the top of the page weldequip, he does maintence packs of rods, so saves buying loads.
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    rods you WILL use are 4043 and 5356 grades in 2.4mm diameter. I'd buy a pack of each, if I were you.

    Nice TIG set :) you should have fun with that!
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    5F5F6D01-EA87-4F08-BAC2-E8248DA57C1C.jpeg E0919FAD-10C9-477E-AFA2-6664F951286F.jpeg D60FDDAB-1275-43C3-BAF5-55DA1BC9BDAF.jpeg D60FDDAB-1275-43C3-BAF5-55DA1BC9BDAF.jpeg E0919FAD-10C9-477E-AFA2-6664F951286F.jpeg 5F5F6D01-EA87-4F08-BAC2-E8248DA57C1C.jpeg Some ali practice the other day.
    Several lines changing a few settings and some text message help from a friend.
    Got it a bit better. I think what I was doing is going in hot as **Language** to get a pool fast and then traveled rather than building a pool and letting it clean maby?
    Getting there though I’m just running practice beads. When were a bit more relaxed on the lock down I’ll get some more gas and get more practice in around a set of headers that’s ment to be arriving
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  8. Aesgarth Member

    As a relative beginner on alu, looks good to me.
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  9. And me.
  10. Richard.

    Richard. Forum Supporter

    And me. there is some good runs in there and I see a bit of attention has been paid to some of those craters too. Nice.
    id probably look at doing some common joints before attacking your headers.
    Stand a few fillets up and see if you can make a nice job of them.
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    Ali practice is inbetween other bits mate I’ve done a few sets of stainless headers no prob ally is new to me

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    Still here less time on the forum as back at work and my workshop now making things. Still not got much luck with ally. But will keep tinkering with time allows