911 with crusty sills

  1. stuvy

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    My dad has one when I wS a kid I loved the boot opener and when one came in to work I had to have it.

    It didn’t go as fast as I had hoped, the brakes weren’t very good and it under steered which I didn’t expect

    The down side to being in newer faster cars and expecting your childhood hero’s to perform the same
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    Antrim Ireland
    10 valves I’m guessing?
    Davy put a 20v into an 86/7 ur he had and wound the boost up. Sounded savage. He built a few of them and currently has a porsche 944 s2 getting the 5 cylinder treatment. John has an s2 coupe. Went ok but still sounded the part.
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    Antrim Ireland
    A bit more sorted over the weekend. Drivers side arch and tub in and welded. I need to sort both ends yet but that shouldn’t be any major head ache. Shouldn’t need too much filler either. I’m very happy with how it’s going.
    • A750321F-35BB-4AE5-820B-80140E928A90.jpeg
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    Antrim Ireland
    Few little more bits in but not finished
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    Antrim Ireland
    Got a little more done. Welding nearly finished. Put some seam sealer on so I can see light at the end of the tunnel, as far as the welding work goes at least.
    Would you cover it all in sealer? I plan to paint stone chip over it all but should I sealer it all first? also,should I remove all broken factory sealer and plaster it in seam sealer?
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  6. Dcal

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    Antrim Northern Ireland
    I'm assuming this is brush on seam sealer?

    If the factory sealer has broken down remove it and treat any rust before priming and seam sealing.
    Then I'd just remove the stringy / hairy bits and spray it with the stone chip of your choice.
    The 3m 2 pack stone-chip would be closet to OEM but other options are available.

    Don't see the point in covering the whole thing with seam sealer, it won't look any better than what you already have.
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  7. jpmillermatic

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    I agree with Dcal

    seam sealer is meant to just cover seams...though Im sure it can be used to cover flat sections, that is not what it was designed to do. I tend to prime, seam seal, paint, stone chip....(unless your stone chip product specifically says to cover over bare metal or something)

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    Antrim Ireland
    I need to swap out the studs for the splash guards and then I’ll get on to the next layer
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    essex england
    I had a 993 back in the nineties :D
    Couldn’t afford a twenty year old boxster these days

    Everything gets old and rusty eventually.

    I was offered a job at a porsche specialist a few years ago as a coach builder/ double curve man.
    Being me I didn’t take it as I don’t want to share secrets and techniques.
    Old ones do like to rust
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