Which CUT50P.... aka which UK based eBay seller? Or suck it up and buy Stahlwerk...

  1. mr migwire

    mr migwire It's more fun with metal.

    yes but the visitors have to put money in the slot, they are coin operated in true fife style.
    if they did reside in my workshop im afraid i would get nowt done, lol

    oh and here are some pics as promised...
    20190924_113407.jpg 20190924_113412.jpg 20190924_113430.jpg
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  2. dai

    dai welsh and proud

    My plasma from plasma part turned up with a 16a plug fitted
    Plate on the back says...
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  3. Dutch Welder Member

    Oss, The Netherlands
    The Ieff is 16 amps, so the rated fuse you should use is 16 amps as well.

    If the wiring is 2.5mm solid core then the wiring is up to spec for 16amp 230v service.
    If it's multistrand wireit is indeed underspecced (but at that short a length I do not think it's a big problem)
  4. Dutch Welder Member

    Oss, The Netherlands
    Oops,something went wrong there.
    Text continues here:

    so there is probably something else wrong, either with the machine itself, or the actual wiring.
    2.5mm2 solid core is capable of carrying 16amps, but if there is a loose connection heat will build up, needed current will go up yet the machine is getting less of it,so performance of the machine will go down.
    Also the breaker itself could be faulty, you should measure the actual current draw with a clamp on meter to verify that the machine is actually drawing more then 16a, or if the breaker is tripping to early.
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  5. Memmeddu

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    Italia Sardegna
    It's not only the section that makes the difference as you rightly said
    Bad connections, bad rectifier , the main power supply , the plug the socket ,the ground clamp the torch there is a bunch of things that could compromise the quality of the output of the machine
    But I can tell you a thing
    Electrical cables have two values
    Inrush (or maximum current) and working current
    And a 2.5mm² cable can carry different currents depending on the type of insulation
    For example a 2.5mm² FS17 in a CEE enveiroment can carry 16A but it can do 20A no problems especially for an intermittent use
    2.5mm² H07RN-F can carry full time 25A but CEE said that it can carry only 16A
    A 1.5mm² cable can carry almost 18A but CEE said that it can carry only 10A
    What this means everything has a duty cycle
    Plasma cutter has a duty cycle , your cables have a duty cycle ,the power cord has a duty cycle the plugs have a duty cycle
    A plasma cutter expecially in hobbyist application doesn't never reach the duty cycle for obvious reasons a welder can , but the plasma cutter needs air and the compressor has to refill the tank
    During this period of time the cord and the machine are cooling down
    This doesn't means that you should use smaller thicker section but the opposite ,your electrical installation must be oversized always when we talk about cables because they are buried under the concrete and can catch on fire destroying the shop the house or whatever .
    Power cord , extension cord ,jobsite cables are made out different materials expecially to be much safer and stronger , but this is something that has value only if is a good quality cable
    I replaced my welder's powercord because was a bad quality chinesum cable with a proper H07RN-F 3G2.5mm² cable and a CEE IEC60309 230V 16A single phase plug
    This set up allow me to use the welder much better and I can draw something like 20A (plug limit) full duty cycle but is a stick welder so I can draw 25A no problems because during welding I have to stop to change electrode , clean out the slag ,wire brush than I can continue welding
    Also weather has a crucial role in all this
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  6. HughF

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    Work: Dorchester, Workshop: Corfe Castle, Wife's place: Frome
    Just to chime in here: pt31 Chinese torches are junk, total junk... They should never be on a cut50... They are marginal on a cut40

    Cut50 will, assuming a load voltage of 85v which is probably about right, need 4250w at the electrode. Assuming a terrible power supply efficiency of 80% then you need to feed it 5.1kW... it needs a 32a supply.
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