weed licker design

  1. pidgeon chit welder sticking metal since 1962

    100 mm or the 200 mm pipe brown plastic underground foul water waste pipe filled with high density foam and an axle tube of thin walled exhaust pipe spaced out evenly using plastic stand offs ???? Rivet or self tap the felt to / round the pipe too make the roller having a thin plastic strip cover at/ along the joint
  2. scarecrow

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    I had taught of the brown plastic pipe but consider that two-weak hadn't thought about filling it with the foam great idea:clapping:
  3. JohnGalway New Member

    Below is the basic idea I've had so far, some good points brought up on this thread though! Filling the roller pipe with foam is a good one.

    My thinking has gotten this far:

    Two mountain bike wheels on a frame. A (for arguments sake) 6 foot long pipe with a series of paint rollers on it (maybe there's a better type of sponge or material easily available I'm not aware of - also thinking felt or carpet riveted onto the roller). Two belts, one on each wheel, crossed over (if that makes sense - figure of 8) so the belt drives the roller the opposite way the wheels are going.

    Some type of system to enable to roller to be lowered, raised. Numerous ways to do this, but with the belts I'm thinking that the handlebars (oh yes, it's going to be shanks mare powered - as are all of my patented Connemara machines :pac: ) should be hinged, and some type of drilled bar or bars incorporated into the frame with pins to enable the handlebars to be set at different angles, therefore lowering or raising the roller.

    Not done much tank thinking yet. Some type of dripper pipe almost the length of the roller will be needed to wet the roller. This may present a problem with different angles for different heights though. Not sure if I would be able to get 100% evenly spread wetness on all of the roller either. Maybe some sort of concoction with several separate pipes from the tank. I'd ideally like to have a relatively large bore pipe coming out of the tank, and have a regulator valve (or whatever they're called) so I can trial & error adjust the flow onto the roller.

    The reason I want it JG powered is the land is really awkward mostly, and it'd be handy to be able to get into the nooks and crannies without the headache of how do I get a tractor/quad there, or more usually I can't get a tractor/quad in there.

    Oh yeah. I did read somewhere, that the ends of DIY rollers sometimes leak lines of herbicide. Maybe I'll need some type of small reservoir on each end to capture any spillage and put it back into the tank.

    You know on dosing containers, the caps with the nozzle in them to attach a tube. Is there a correct name for those type caps? Wondering if one could be got for a five gallon drum. (Draw off caps/lids I think they're called).

    Am I forgetting anything?
  4. s410man trainee dogsbody

    get a 5 gallon container lid drill a hole in it around 25mm which is slighlty smaller than a drench container and sealant it on
  5. JohnGalway New Member

    Yeah I did think of that. My concern would be it eventually leaking, or giving way entirely. You know yourself, it'd do it at the worst possible moment. I may use a 5 gallon drum with a tap on it, always be a bit sloshing about in the bottom, but no harm done.