k series mini

  1. chrisg3103

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    well after some surprise visits from some friends and between climbing mountains i got a bit more done

    sorted out the clutch pedal, straigtened it and shortened a tad

    engine got a clean and (very) quick coat of paint
    got my ball joints done
    and discs skimmed

    should have the hubs built tomorrow, just going to reuse the slightly bent long shaft, no time for a replacement. managed to fix the slightly knackered circlip groove with a parting off tool.
    electrics are going to be the big problem i can see, might just be the old bodged loom rather than the fancy rover one :ashamed:
  2. pre67 Member

    bedford uk
    them plastic rover throttle body are notorious for playing up

    get one like this one they are 57mm i think

    you will need to drill 2 holes in it tho for the breath and another sensor and swap the the cable holder off the old one to the new one

    this what i did on a mates car i just drilled 2 holes and put 2 bits of coper pipe in and put some metel glue round it

    or u could to it proper and get some alloy pipe and tig it

    http://www.headtune.co.uk/images/Rover K-Series TB - White.jpg


    hope that helps
  3. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    never had an issue with the throttle bodys and i have a rover 214 as a daily driver ;)

    been busy busy the past few days, cars nearly done! (ish)

    engine mounted, engine electrics sorted, cooling system nearly done, brakes just need another connection and a few reservoir brackets
    new shock absorbers fitted all round as well as 1/2 inch rear cylinders. also got the pasenger side door back on :laughing:

    did get a hand for some bits though :whistle:
    not a huge list but the problems encountered were huge! a simple job of changeing shock absorbers resulted in the radius arms having to come off to remove the old steel sleeves from the old shocks.
    the nuts from the track rod ends had gone missing and not a single nut fitted the thread, so had to rob a spare mini for 2 nuts
    fitting the brake pipes under the dash is also causing head aches:ashamed:

    still! will be worth it in the end :D even if it dosnt look much different its the subtle touches that make it a lot tidyer!

    the brake pipes now exit in the inner wings though cable Glands
    also ditched the little radiator for the old heater matrix, it actually fits. only wory is that the air filter is now surrounded by radiators!

    some of the hidden brake pipes, getting like a nest of snakes in there with the pipes and wiring fighting each other

    and one part in quite pleased with is the adjustable bias valve, just need to make/buy/adapt a knob for the top

    going to try for the MOT on thursday, give me a few days to sort anything wrong. but all depends on the braking system, havnt a clue if it will work or be full of un bleedable airlocks
  4. pre67 Member

    bedford uk
    looks good man hope mot goes well

    as for the throttle bodys its well worth geting a 57mm one it would make it loads farter loads of piple do it
  5. Wozzaaah

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    Wiltshire, UK
    I thought it was baked bean can exhausts that do that!:clapping:

    Looking good Chris, can't wait to see the finished car. I'm very tempted to go Rover 16V in mine ;)
  6. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    you know it makes sense ;) get a whole donor car for £100 :laughing: and if you blow the engine up just chuck it away and get another for £100. then theres the lightness, the one size fits all design and thanks to lotus and caterham theres quite a few tuning bits going about if your that way inclined.

    anyway, im just in and totaly shattered. come to the decision that if the car dosnt make the show im not going to kill myself trying! can be done but i dont want to make a mess of it. will plod away but only going to book the MOT once its up and running rather than giving myself a stupid deadline, never know, might make it :whistle:
  7. pre67 Member

    bedford uk
    na baked bean can exhausts just make you in to a dick 1.1l engine 6" wide pipe :rolleyes:

    why do so meny people do it
  8. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    Wiltshire, UK
    "All show, no go" as they say ;)
    I know it's been put up before but check out these beauties :laughing:

    Chris, my local scrappy had four 1.4 16v rovers in there last time I looked, I know the owner quite well and might see what sort of a deal he'll do me considering he'll get back what I don't use. ;)
  9. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    well i missed most of the deadlines due to severe lack of enthusiasm, getting too old for this :laughing:

    this was the main reason for not going to the show at santa pod
    this is a seriously dodgy set up to trust your life to! and i was considering it, enough was enough. cant mess about with brake fluid, it melts everything. that dodgy set up was the reservoir with a bit of 10mm silicone hose atached to a bit of 8mm copper pipe attached to the proper brake fluid resistant hose (over brade stuff)
    so ordered the proper bits and they got here too late for the show

    so i have been taking it at a more leasurly pace
    so far i have changed the old mini heater matrix for an old rover 200 one, looks like it has better air flow, all the plumbings done, new reservoirs fitted and mounted
    exhaust hooked up,front end mounted and i have brakes!! the crazy pedal box actually works!
    was a bit concerned seeing as the master cylinder has a slight downward tilt that i wouldnt be able to bleed it properly. it wasnt easy but with the help of a handy spare person to push the pedal it bled ok

    only big job left is the wiring.......
    had the loom home to sort it out and think its done, just got visions of it going pfzzzt and catching fire :ashamed:
    cant put it off forever :(
  10. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    well after working my **** off i got the mini finished in time for its MOT, was still working on it at 1:30am this morning :ashamed:
    but then in true mini fasion it broke down on the way to the MOT staiton :laughing:

    in all my jiggery pokery i had forgot i had pluged in the 1.4 ecu to see if it would fix a problem. so it was running rough to say the least, just put it down to not being run for about 6 months

    after it had been sat for said 6 months or so the battery didnt have a full charge

    for some reaon this engine gets very stiff when hot and takes a lot o oomph for it to turn over

    these things combined to the mini stalling at a roundabout (wrong ecu) then i couldnt get it cranked again (hot engine and low power)

    took 10 mins to fix once my dad brought a battery booster out and i got it back to my workshop :mad: but missed the time and they were fully booked for the rest of the day. cest la vive!
    just need to see if i can get an afternoon off work or something now!

    here it is, dosnt look any different :laughing:
  11. Rusty

    Rusty Member

    South West
    That sounds worrying ! I wouldn't have thought it would have started at all with the wrong ecu , it also sounds like it seized up to me :o good luck though ;)
  12. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    nah, its a rover thing. for some reason the engines get tight when there hot, same thing happens in my 214 sometimes and other people have said too. fine so long as you have a fully charged battery ;) hooked the booster up it fired instantly, probably completed 1/4 of a rotation. by the time i got it back to my workshop the alternator had put in enough charge to start it again easy, if i had charged the battery the night before i probably wouldnt of missed the MOT :ashamed:

    ecu was from a 1.4, my engines a 1.6. exact same engine, manifolds ect except the capacity, probably just running lean while using the fuel map for the 1.4 hence the stalling on overun

    just need to wangle some time off work now, also the brakes are now amazing and the clutch is a lot lighter :D
  13. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    been a while so though i would add an update!
    just reading my last post i left it after my 1st MOT, got a bit hecktic after that hence the gap :ashamed:

    basicly i finaly got an MOT at 12 on the day i was to drive 330 miles to barkston for a friendly sprint event, then had to tax it and load up. made it there at 9 that night :laughing:

    car was faultless except the fecking battery! first stop for fuel at gretna services the little blighter wouldnt crank, had to go buy jump leads from the garage and ask a rather posh sales rep type chap for a jump. in all had to get jump started 4 times there and back :ashamed:
    but went round the track great :D was the first time it had been driven since the rebuild so seemed to take a while for everything to bed in, after a few laps the handling magically improved :confused: nothing broke or went bang it just steered into and out of corners so much better, maybe the shocks bedded in?

    anyway, a mini on a track:-


    very mucky mini :ashamed: no time to wash it before hand :laughing:

    and mini now:
    still got the race number on as there exceedingly sticky, should really of put them on the rear windows :laughing:

    vowed never to touch it again after the grief i had, but just bought a 3.5 final drive gearbox and have my eye on a vvc engine :ashamed:
  14. Gerry Member

    Congratulations on a successful build and what a good way to 'wet the weans' heid'. You're a braver man than me driving that distance with a new build, well done.
    I've always felt that the K series was the best choice for the mini - same manufacturer - and the lack of weight compared with some of the other choices must help the handling. A very under rated engine.
    Where are you competing close to home? I used to try to get to Kaimes for the East Ayrshire events but haven't been for a while due to lack of time. A shameful state of affairs since I live 40 minutes away. I could always get a mini, a spare subframe, a K ser...................
    I can see a project looming.
  15. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    sounds like your not too far from me at all, im about 30 mins from kames ;)

    have started looking into whats needed to run at kames, basicly join the east ayrshire car club and turn up to one of there run what you brung type events :)
    barkston was my very first time on a track of any sort! scary at first but it was so much fun once the apprehension was gone, got a reason to build these minis now :laughing: do a few track day type things before deciding if i want to go the expensive route of proper motorsport events
  16. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    well had it on the rollers today with the scottish mini forum, reulst below...


    very happy with that :D rover quote 110hp, got that at the wheels but flywheel was a healthy 125hp

    only thing i wasnt happy with was the amount the engine was moving under acceleration and overun, bucking quite a bit! more engine steadys on the cards. and put the gear link rod back on that fell off half way home in the middle of a traffic jam! had 3rd and 4th to get me home, pulls quite well in 3rd from a standing start :laughing:

    oh yes and the little auxiluary heater thing spring a leak at the event :whistle: managed to bypass it before the engine lost all its water and destroyed itself :rolleyes:
  17. Deemo New Member

    Weyyy, It's finished. Nice one :clapping:
    Impressive power too.
    Love it
  18. plantlife Member

    Nice job, lovely car. I got rid of my mini before finishing my conversion (rust issues!!)
  19. townsend New Member

    Where is there heater motor on a min rover 1989?

    Where is there heater motor on a min rover 1989?
    Please help.
  20. chrisg3103

    chrisg3103 Forum Supporter

    well been a bit busy the past week or so, had to take the engine out to fix a problem with the gearbox and the thermostat housing, engine out easy enough then i got wondering.....

    so got the gearbox and uneccesary sticky out bits off of the vvc

    one of the simple (pfft) jobs was to swap the alloy sump for a steel one, alloy one was too bulky.
    off comes tha alloy one and offered up the steel one, problem number 1 need to change the oil pickup. got a spare so put that on, but only one of the bolt holes lines up? must be a different oil ladder, but it is secure enough so it will do me.
    go to bolt the sump on and problem number 2, the steel sump uses smaller bolts so the bolts used for the alloy sump wont fit though the steel sumps bolt holes, so drilled them out to 8mm. them problem number 3, the rubber gasket has little anti crush spacer things in it, and these too were too small. tryed to bore them out but they were just too small, so found some 8mm i/d pipe and parted off a load for the gasket


    so sump was finaly on and just offered it roughly up, still to put the proper mount on and was pretty certain i had to modify my frame for the manifold to clear the bulkhead
    but no! theres even more room than with the plastic manifold!? seems the vvc one curves more sharply to the right in that photo, plastic one sticks stright out and pretty much to the limit of that cut out in the bulkhead


    one thing that wasnt expected was the vvc has an oil temperature sensor that sticks right out the bottom of the filter housing
    just isnt going to fit that way, so going to try find a tap for the sensor thread tomorrow and modify a rover 400 filter take off. may just work...