25 year old Alfa 75 back from the brink (hopefully)

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    Like a prop car for a film - two different wheel styles for each side, gets the most out of the budget :D
  2. Cracking work here as usual @Dcal
  3. Dcal Member

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    Thanks lads,
    Did you like the handbrake?

    The wheels on the PS are correct for that model but are 14 inch and I'm not overly fond of them. Previous owner went to a lot of bother tapping and installing 6mm stainless cap heads to replace the original plastic fake bolts but didn't think to isolate the metals. Stainless and aluminium is a great combo for corroding so will need to do something about that. (Glad I have them though)
    They are supposed to have a chrome or polished rim to make them look like split rims and it helps the look a bit.
    I'm not a fan of lacquers and polished aluminium so I bought some chrome paint (£200 thank you very much) but haven't got around to playing with it yet.
    There are similar style, 16 inch wheels (off a 164) that can be made to work but are like hen's teeth. Please give me a shout of you know of a set.

    The other side are 15 inch revolutions which were an option. I quite like them but I only have 2 of them, again hen's teeth (I have 5 of the same design in 14 inch) and I think they really suit the car.
    I don't think there are many wheels that look right on these and there are some are just plain awful.
    I could start a poll but would anyone care?

    Nothing done on the alfa since the last photo apart from putting it outside under a tarp.
    I had to do a couple of jobs that I'd been putting off like MOTing the wife's car and fixing / servicing some of the kids cars now that I've freed up the ramp. And doing odd jobs for the two daughters now that they have both bought flats.
    Also started making a tent to spray the alfa in, which meant I needed to make a stand for my bandsaw so I can get 6m long scaffold tubes into it. (well I could have just cut them with a grinder but it was an excuse to do one of those jobs I'd been putting off). When it up and running I thought I'd finish the trolly for the mig that I started six months ago. (still not done but nearly)
    So many jobs so little time.

    I'll hopefully get a few photos up tomorrow, I'm going to a gig tonight.
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  4. mylesdw

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    Remember you can only get corrosion in the presence of an electrolyte (most likely salt water) so a good coating of grease to exclude any water should do the trick.
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    Yes @mylesdw totally agree and the lacquer should isolate the parts electrically, but I will coat the threads with copaslip or very low strenght loctite to exclude any moisture and put a nylon washer under the caphead to be sure.
    I want to install the bolts after I paint the wheels so they still look like bolts and the plastic washers might stop me damaging the paint.

    I left the wheels outside and water ponded in the dish and created an nice galvanic cell. Even though they were painted.
    I know I should have stored them undercover or upside down but I never think too much about these things until they they are in front of me. (Then I think too much.)
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    Great progress @Dcal you are certainly putting the effort in.

    Must be just me but can't help thinking your local club needs more cars and less members, or do you all share the trailer between you on subsequent events :D

    Wish I could find my way past the rust stages on mine: I'm jealous :)