Which of the 2 welders should i go for help???

  1. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

    Somerset - United Kingdom
    Hi there, Tony,

    Thats fine - it shouldn't take too long to get used to running a decent weld!
    Anytime is ok, so long as I know you're on the way, I can make sure there's a mig set up, and ready.

    Having said that, there usually is something ready to weld with, as I'm based at home a fair amount of the time, and only really try to clear the welding gear out of the way when I'm involved in woodwork for any length of time.

    If you do end up coming by, don't worry about bringing a gas cylinder, as I'll have an argo-shield already plumbed into my mig.
    Having said that, the kemppi has some sort of quick-release gas coupling on it, so I may have to find a length of gas pipe to connect (between the regulator & the back of the welder) to yours.

    If it seems like a load of grief packing the welder, you can always use the set-up I have here - but I'd also quite understand if you're keen to use your own, and do any practice runs on yours, instead.

    But yeah, give me the nod (on here, PM or texting) whenever you're good & ready, and we can sort out a time - my commitments are usually reasonably fluid, so shouldn't need a load of notice!

    All the Best,