What should I pay for a mill?

  1. Milkybars

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    Bill, Nice machine the Elliott..but I would say that as I have one.

    The fibreglass cover is retrievable, I took mine to a local fibreglass guy and £40 later it was all back in ship shape fashion (the fumes where he worked though are something else !!)
    Likewise the rear cover, thankfully mine was intact. In this door should be some gears which you can swap out for the table speeds.

    If it has all original motors, you'll need to get someone to pick out the star points. I got each motor down to the local rewinder and this cost about £60 each to re-wire, this included full clean, bearings, and varnish.
    The horizontal and Vertical can run off the same inverter, if you buy one that can cope with two set ups stored.

    most of the threads on it will be UNC.

    Almost all points on it are Oil not grease..but people pump grease in (AARGH)

    If you need any further info, please get in touch

    There is also a Yahoo group albeit almost dead, but has lots of useful files and info stored
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    Scarborough, North Yorkshire
    All very useful stuff to know, thanks.