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    Any more progress Atconut? Optima's post in another thread reminded me of this.
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    Curse you. I was expecting an update.
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    sorry guys no update yet. it's been sitting under the bench all this time. i have been trying to sort out some motors because i want to go to brushless motors but that means changing all the radio gear and i needed to find motors that i could mate upto my gearboxes. i had to learn what all the numbers mean on brushless motors. it's a whole new world to me not as simple as old brushed motors anyway i've got the motors now i've just got to get my finger out. where is the end of this learning curve
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  4. Brad93

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    Bloody hell what a bit of kit. Nice lathe too.

    The thing about electric motors is, they will give proper skid steer and be very authentic.

    The only other method in my mind would be small hydraulic motors but I doubt there will be the space to house those and a power pack plus batteries on board.

    Only recently we scrapped an old but very well made, heavy duty, electric wheel chair.

    No idea if my dad plundered the motors. Doubt they would be brushless due to the age of the thing.
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