Second attempt on my van.....

  1. First repair panel welded in. I followed the same process as before by fitting a support strip, using spot welds, under the parent metal.

    The rust hasn’t spread up as far on this side so I’ve shortened the repair panel so I’m keeping as much of the original metal as possible.
  2. 6C335905-BA41-4240-87AF-5445015A0FA9.jpeg 6C335905-BA41-4240-87AF-5445015A0FA9.jpeg 44EC81A6-E0BA-4A65-86C0-76DBA94D7367.jpeg E70EE025-52B7-476B-A1C9-E6DAA6494613.jpeg 57C9B130-789F-49D8-99E3-AC39BD17734F.jpeg 44C2ECFB-7421-4330-9B64-1968E76349C8.jpeg
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  3. Been out this morning and flattened back the weld. Re-welded some pin holes and flattened them back. Then give it all a coat of zinc primer.
  4. 1ADAB359-6444-4CAA-92BB-154836F50C3E.jpeg 9B7582C0-0217-4C9E-A7CB-606B8D736D76.jpeg 1ADAB359-6444-4CAA-92BB-154836F50C3E.jpeg
  5. Been out and done a bit more.

    Second section sorted....
    • B92A4F93-7385-47CC-A567-DB104F777032.jpeg
    • 9763B16C-BEEA-4FC8-84F3-BB5914DDDC2D.jpeg
    • F8BF476B-CF9C-43D1-8588-1957B9BB4FD8.jpeg
    • 9C1E6500-0A9D-4810-AE7F-507336E37A0D.jpeg
    • E50D0C23-13D3-475B-B09F-4E0048FF0F8B.jpeg
    • 68DB0494-E1A2-4F7A-9DE1-30CAD4478D00.jpeg
  6. Then onto the front corner, this was a pain in the **** trying to get the front edge to curve around and to try and keep the same profile at the front of the roof.
    I think it turned out ok...
    • 1437FA0D-A6F9-47D3-A76C-17347F56A8C2.jpeg
    • 871B0316-4737-43DB-92A4-D2C0C539149D.jpeg
    • 608397C6-1C44-4BB8-ACAF-EC1DE0BEF062.jpeg
    • C6885004-3A99-4E09-B1E9-CF2F067F5ED6.jpeg
    • 991789D8-D507-4E39-A4DF-9966696EEE99.jpeg
    • 1A9993E3-0564-40B0-905E-695259A5446D.jpeg
    • 617F4AA6-E396-4247-BD77-81DA2200000A.jpeg
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  7. Nick DV

    Nick DV "You must unlearn what you have learned."

    Just read this thread from start to finish, it's really impressive to see how your welding skills have improved and it's certainly a labour of love with the VW :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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  8. Shedendman

    Shedendman Member

    east sussex
    I feel your pain,ref, under a tarp:(
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  9. arther dailey

    arther dailey Member

    I agree the patiance smoggyrich has shown is a credit to him, how many others give up after say 18 months, look forward to seeing the van on the road. Arther
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  10. Cheers.

    The van is actually on the road. I’ve just been using it and putting this side gutter off for far too long.

    Once this gutter is done I’m going to have a crack at the rusty sliding door. After that it will be in pretty good shape.
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  11. arther dailey

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    Great, I must have missed/jumped that post, hope your enjoying it:)
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  12. 1DCD78FE-138E-47ED-9902-2E8EC007150D.jpeg CA4E87F0-2194-4553-9EEF-316F03292B6D.jpeg 00B3D7C3-00E1-4026-ACDD-5FB3F04EC4C2.jpeg 8A031F65-B5B3-4462-AC7A-026879221302.jpeg Skimmed with filler, flattened back then spayed with a bit of zinc primer...
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  13. Onto the rear corner.

    I haven’t been able to get a roof cut/donor section and I don’t want to pay for the full rear roof available online.

    Initially I was going to try and patch this corner using 3 plates but I soon found I couldn’t get them to bend around keeping the dome shape of the roof profile.

    I ended up using 5 sections welded together.
    This isn’t pretty...
    • 38ED93B6-B4B5-406B-8924-3EAF9DD57457.jpeg
    • 985BBC7A-0262-483F-A79A-576D7342789B.jpeg
    • 8027EA41-2F2F-4E3D-932E-667D1750ECB3.jpeg
    • 86B7ADBC-6026-4B85-94DE-E39AF29D83BF.jpeg
    • 883E3CC2-7ECF-4C69-A7EF-30D2799D14C0.jpeg
  14. Well, I’ve had a go at tidying this corner with a skim of filler. It’s far from perfect and I will need to return to this with another go of filler before finishing off so I’ve sprayed a bit of zinc primer to protect it for now.

    B49708C7-5ED6-4331-A2AC-4F42F2454EB7.jpeg D312F148-2138-403E-9F47-34728997B82B.jpeg CA06F981-04DE-4F85-961D-6CD41E8DE01D.jpeg E11BEF7C-78E4-4D45-8E17-286A0D1CB585.jpeg
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  15. Nick DV

    Nick DV "You must unlearn what you have learned."

    Looks pretty good to me :thumbup:
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