Manifold i've just made

  1. pictures of how you do your jigs would be gd....... :-P
  2. wezzer New Member

    I am very very new here, and just about to purchase my own TIG plant but from experience i have to say that looks very good.
    I used to work for Janspeed back in 1999/2000 and we were producing full systems and manifolds for Lotus and intercoolers for Aston Martin and have seen lesser quality welds make it through inspection.
    I am looking forward to making a few bits myself as i am now a yank tank fan.

    Huge congratulations on a massive effoert and success !!!!

  3. Rick Member

    Heres a couple of weld pictures from the other day.
    • DSC_0209.jpg
    • DSC_0231.jpg
  4. do you purge when welding and do you purge when welding to the flanges?
  5. Rick Member

    Yes, anything stainless I do.
  6. roosie Member

    looks superb well done
  7. how far do you have your tungsten out of the cup?
  8. Rick Member

    All depends on what I'm doin. Anything from 10mm to 50-60mm for the hard to reach places. I'm going to build a purge tank for some parts as I think it'll actually save gas in a few situations. On the flanges I can't remember I usually do a "trial run" seeing if the tungsten will reach all the places I need to before I start. Usually as i'm purging out all the air.

    I go with the min I can get away with.
  9. are your flanges mild steel?
  10. can you help me out rick, i know someone with a cheap fleabay polished manifold like this
    and on the inside of the tubes are full of black suguring,cold welds etc
    they havnt been useing backing gas obviously so the welds wudnt of got full penetration and will probz be full of porosity.
    is that why they crack and break or is it down to weight of the turbo and thickiness of the tube why they crack?
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  11. Rick Member

    In honesty the only way I can help you out is show you this offer.

    There are many problems with those manifolds, basically anything that could be wrong usually is. The material thickness/composition/welding techniques and design are all flawed. You can weld it, brace it but in a couple of weeks it'll crack again.

    I've got stock manifolds/ uprated in stock if that helps out.

    Edit, just noticed that the manifold might be new and not used yet? I'd advise not to waste your time fitting it and try to recoup some cash. If you do want to fit it, get it linished on both flanges so there at least flat. You the need to try and brace it, but in a way it allows for expansion. (not always easy) but heat it up and note measurements from the flanges. If its growing by a couple of MM you know not to brace it in that direct, if its pretty linear add a brace etc etc.
  12. its not me thats brought it... jst a friend of mine ask me whos brought one if there any good becuz hes brought it already and i just told him what to look out for and il tell him to get them flangs sorted and il brace it for him :welder: , o and not to wrap it cuz it will melt cuz its made of chocolate :laughing:
  13. Rick Member

    Heres a few snaps from the last couple of weeks.
    • DSC_0339.jpg
    • DSC_0327.jpg
    • DSC_0344.jpg
    • DSC_0349.jpg
    • DSC_0352.jpg
    • DSC_0363.jpg