Jasic welding machines.

  1. chrisg3103

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    That would probably be me, it's still going well, not had super industrial use but still not let out the magic smoke.
    Just made a motor mount out of 3mm mild angle.
    Is a sherman 206p if you want to look it up
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  2. chrisg3103

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    Cheers chrisg...I knew I remembered it from somewhere. At less than £600 it's blooming incredible for an AC DC TIG...have you done any ali with it yet?

    Fair point on the warranty....but for DIYers not a big issue
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    Have a few Dc pulse Tig Jasics at work, they get used in the workshop and on site.
    Must be 7 or 8 of them. The subcontractors we have in from time to time use them too.

    Work tend to give everyone a welder to use as their own, so the price point is quite attractive. A dozen jasics certainly is a lot cheaper than a dozen EWMs.
    Plus being used on site they tend to suffer abuse. Just last week we set a one week old machine up, went for break, and when we came back it was soaking wet and sat in a puddle of water where a production opperative had opened a drain valve without caring.
    A few weeks prior at a different site, one of the old Millers had milk dumped all over it.

    Reliability wise, only had an issue with one or two that I recall. One was a reset of the settings I think, nothing too serious.
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    2mm aluminium, almost getting the hang of it, still a bit lumpy but that's just technique :laughing:
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