Inside a Handytig 200

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    If you want to know what true brutality to welding equipment is you should ask @Appyasme1 what those poor yard feeds have to suffer day in day out.
    A tap with a hammer and a drop off the ramp is a day trip to heaven compared to what those feeders have to go through down the yard.
    I think the lorch gear is nice, I own a tig made by them and it’s a decent unit. I do believe though that others can be just as durable.
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    Fronius used to market 1 meter on the little TP 1500. Not sure what’s on the new range of TransPocket but I’m sure it will be just as tough.

    For us atleast, Crash proof doesn’t mean that the plastic moulding doesn’t crack or break and needs replacing, it just means that the “expensive” parts like the Inverter modular and fan casings etc are all protected and guaranteed.

    The industry standard and norm that they have to be built in accordance too means they only must withstand a fall of 25cm.

    You can get lucky with any machine and it can still be working after much higher falls than that, or you could be un-lucky and it fails after only a drop from 26cm. The point is that the other machines are only designed to withstand falls from the height as stated in the norm so it’s always in the lap of the gods should it fall out of the back of a van or from the table. If every machine was routinely designed and able to withstand over double the expectations from the Norm, then I’m sure more people would market them in this way.

    We had a instance of a V50 (500 amp ACDC) get dropped over 2 meters from the back of a loading bay. Outwardly the machine was a wreck, not a straight panel in sight, but it still fired up and welded fine, but it was still a write off and was scrapped. We couldn’t even begin to market that because the next machine could of been a write off at 50cm let alone 2 meters because it’s only designed and tested to be ok from 25cm.
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    Ahh so that is what they mean by watercooling............
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    What is making me curious is the apparent 2x connectors unused in pic 3 (unless they’re fuses perhaps)...?
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    Yes, I did wonder the purpose of those two floating connectors as well.
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    Fault finding?

    ESAB rebels have different bolts on the boards numbered which you test from.