Gertie the 73 VW T2 bay window

  1. Following soaking the centre with soaked cloths. Now coated with Kurust before painting with etch primer.


    Also changed over my torsion cap and masked a line to paint to.

  2. Today's work was to reassemble the hub with new bearings and brake assy which went without issue and my new Boge dampers arrived so a new one was fitted at the same time.


    I cleaned all the floor (half) back to clean shiny metal before covering it with Rusto, still have minor floor repairs to carry out and a half load floor to purchase but it's still going forward.


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  3. armalites Member

    It'll be MOT exempt in a month :thumbup:
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  4. Yeah, that's great, but I want to go through it all and make sure its the best I can do and hopefully it will be safe and legal without having to worry about a looming test. I still think exempt vehicles should have a test say once in 5 years as there are some unscrupulous vendors out there and not all owners are handy when it comes to maintenance.
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    I totally agree, I can't see it achieves anything.

    The difference that coat of black paint has made to the way that chassis looks is amazing, it's gone from looking like you had loads to do to being almost finished
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  6. Things like outer sills, rear arches and load floor etc will be done when it's back on its wheels so for the next few weeks I think I will concentrate on painting and overhauling front brakes and suspension components so when it finally sits on its wheels I can get stuck into bits which really will put the finish line in view. Soon it'll start to feel like a bus again.
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  7. jpmillermatic

    jpmillermatic Member

    yes, that paint on the floor really looks certainly brings attention to how nice the frame rails look too!

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  8. Fish'd my drive shaft out of the de-rusting bucket and stuck a coat of Kurust on it then some black Rusto. Also sprayed the CV joint silver. Tried getting my handbrake cable pipe fitted which entailed drilling the jacking point and the chassis a little but the pipe was 12.5mm OD so was very tight but it was a pig to fit as it was too stiff to bend to shape. Wrote it off as a bad job so need to find thinner walled pipe. Called it a day and went out on the 675 to buy some top coat and lacquer for the 955i lower fairing repair.

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  9. After previously struggling to shape the handbrake conduit in little increments I had a bit of a brainwave and I used my conduit bender and pre shaped the rear end where it travelled through the main chassis rails then tapped it rearwards until it was past where I needed then knocked it back forwards and popped it through the crossmember before threading in the cable.

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  10. Today I decided to get the other handbrake tube in. Some struggling and choice words saw it finished. I notice there was a cable with a wing nut on it wrapped around the front beam which turned out to be the clutch cable and I also found another large tube I didn't know was in the garage so I proceeded to install the clutch cable and Bowden tube. A good coat of etch primer then saw me paint all three tubes with grey Rusto and I have to admit it looks better under there.
    I did have to scrub the thread on the clutch cable and borrow a 1/2 inch unf tap to run through the wing nut before covering the thread in copper slip but it's free to turn now along its full length. I also had to make a tag and weld it to the torsion beam as the original had long since rotted off.


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  11. Cut out 2 corroded sections of heat exchanger control cable tubes, bent and cut 2 x new tubes to fit and made a couple of sleeves out of the larger tubes and welded to the front sections which weren't corroded. Still need to paint them but stuck some etch primer on them for now.
    Just the throttle cable tube now and that bits done.

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  12. Not done anything on this in over a year. Need to get my new garage built so I can get my bikes out of there and can finally concentrate on doing proper work like grinding and welding stuff.