Gas cylinder disposal

  1. Been a few posts on here lately relating to this. Lifted the following off of the BCGA website which should clarify things

    Cylinder Recovery & Disposal

    The vast majority of industrial gas cylinders in circulation in the UK are the property of the main gas suppliers. They are supplied to gas users under a rental agreement, which requires the user to pay rental on the cylinder until its return for further use.

    Therefore the simplest and best way to deal with cylinders which are of no further use is to identify the owner and request that they be collected.

    Even if the cylinders were not originally supplied to the site where they are discovered, the gas company will make arrangements to collect them.

    To identify the cylinder owner may be as simple as looking at the label. In case the label is missing the owner usually has his name stamped into the metal near the top of the cylinder.

    Where it is not possible to identify the owner of the cylinder it may be necessary to employ a specialist organisation that has the technical and legal capability to collect and dispose of the cylinder.

    To dispose of cylinders safely requires great care. BCGA leaflet L2, 'The Safe Handling of Gas Cylinders at Waste Facilities' outlines the process to be followed.

    LPG cylinders are often supplied without rental agreements. Contact with the UKLPG, will provide advice on how to deal with them.

    Companies who can help with cylinder recovery / disposal where the original supplier cannot be contacted are shown below.

    Jackson Keay Ltd
    Private Road No. 7,
    NG4 2JW

    Andrew Jackson

    0115 961 7113

    0115 961 8664

    Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd
    Units 1 & 2,
    Speedwell Road,
    Parkhouse Industrial Estate,
    Newcastle Under Lyme,
    ST5 7RG

    Tony Addison

    01782 566897

    01782 564906

    Air Products PLC
    2 Millennium Gate
    Westmere Drive
    CW1 6AP

    Mr. Phil Tranter

    0800 389 0202

    Compressed Gas Solutions Ltd
    J Reid Trading Estate
    Factory Road
    CH5 2QJ

    Mr. Paul Leadbetter

    01244 520688

    Veolia Environmental Services Plc
    Empire Works
    Stubbers Green Road
    West Midlands
    WS9 8BL

    Mr. Keith Palmer

    01922 459090

    01922 453255

    Synergy Recycling Ltd
    Merton Farm
    Merton Lane South
    CT4 7BA

    Mr. Geoff Percy

    01227 462008
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  2. Wozzaaah

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    Thanks very much for that Backpurge, I've 'stickied' it. ;)
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  3. Bobo Member

    Ive got a BOC argo shield bottle cant remember what size it is, 20ltr I think. Ok so I've done a bit of google research an I'm pretty sure it must be a Y size.

    Someone gave it to me so am I liable for the rental if I take it back? Ive had it about a year an at the rate I'm going it's probably likely to last me another 5 years. I'm not sure how old it is either but it could well be 10 years + old.
  4. steviec_lj

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    Good information.

    Just unearthed, quite literally!!, three that belong to Air Products and one to BOC. Neither company seem interested in collecting them, so I guess a third party will need to get involved.
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  5. tramp92 New Member

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    What about disposing of the 'Disposable' type. I have just taken three (CO2 and Argon) to my local recycling centre (read dump) and they begrudingly took them and placed them with the LGP type bottles. They did say that they wouldn't take any more. So what or where is the correct place to dispose of them?
  6. Maker

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    Don't ask questions
    I'd just chuck them in the bin. Welcome to the forum BTW
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  7. tramp92 New Member

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    I have done that in the past, however it seems like a reasonable piece of metal to recycle.
    Thanks. I have been lurking for a while, just had nothing worth while to post.
  8. IVOR ALLEN New Member

    Northernireland Co.Tyrone
    Put the bootles on Gumtree an you will no bother selling them for cash
  9. brightspark

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    yarm stockton on tees
    there not yours to sell .the local tip will take them if boc and air products wont
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  10. stanman Member

    romford england
    Hypathetical question chaps, probably asked a thousand times before. Can you just take boc bottles back to their depot without fear of there origin being questioned?
  11. Farside

    Farside Badly Welded Man

    I would think there are many BOC bottles out there that are long since lost to the system, so I doubt very much if BOC will be too interested in where they appeared from, just that they've got them back. Even at that, without inspection and testing they'd not be put back into the pool of rental stock anyway, and might be scrapped if they're too old.
    If I found an old set of oxy-ace bottles in a lockup, I'd use them until they were empty and just dump them back at BOC, saying I found them in a lockup. Nothing's going to happen.
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  12. steviec_lj

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    Aahhhh minor problem with that.

    The local tip doesn’t take gas cylinders, nor plasterboard, mattresses, carpets, asbestos, tyres or hard plastics. That’s a 20 mile trip, and 100 hoops to jump through proving we live in a village which doesn’t accept any of the above mentioned stuff.
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  13. brightspark

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    yarm stockton on tees
    our local center takes them no bother they just lock them in a cage
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  14. Barlidge

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    That's some excellent information and clearly some time taken to compile it @backpurge :thumbup:

    I'm sure all forum members will return all types of cylinders to their rightful owners and not be tempted to repurpose them :laughing:
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  15. doubleboost

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    Newcastle upon Tyne England
    All BOC bottles are now bar coded
    That has stopped most of the "fiddles"
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  16. addjunkie

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    Northumberland. Reet oot in the sticks
    There were a couple of old boc bottles here when I bought the place. I took them to the boc depot, unlOaded them, guy wasnt happy as I had no account etc, I said fine, just giving you your bottles back. He clearly didnt want them as they were old...15 years past last hydo test. I got in my truck left no name, or details and drive off.
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  17. Gritineye Member

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    I had a stray Y bottle, just took it back to the local BOC depot, unloaded it by some other ones, went inside and told that chap what I'd done and left.
  18. Shedendman

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    east sussex
    I'm on the hunt for old bottles that are well by the sell by date for an artistic value,theyre like rocking horse poo here
  19. Mikes Member

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    A few years back, I was asked to remove a pair of oxy/acetylene bottles from a workshop as the owner who did not use them couldn't get insurance with them there. I took them as in return I got to keep the regulators etc which were good. The oxygen bottle was Air products and I managed to get them to collect it. The acetylene is Aga Gas which was subsequently taken over Air Liquide and therefore same group as BOC and I couldn't get them to collect it. Irony was I had just received a letter from them giving one of the reasons for the latest cost increase as the raw material cost for producing bottles. Still have the bottle and regularly wonder what to do with it. I'm certainly not paying a third party to dispose of it so will probably just leave it for the house clearers in due course!
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  20. Sorry Mike but Air Liquide has absolutely nothing to do with BOC
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