Biiiiig concrete slab

  1. pressbrake1

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    essex england
    My guess of over £100k was right then.
    I based that on a groundwork firm quoting me £10000 for a 6m x 7m slab 500mm thick
    Did it myself for about £3000
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  2. rtcosic

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    Is there an echo in here?????

    An example of 'group think' or target fixation or whatever the correct psychological term is?

    We have a sims building. We want more sims. Must add extra sims in the sims building.
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  3. 8ob

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    moscow on thames
    Beggars belief they are stalling over spending a few quid on a project with potential earnings of £3,300 per hour. Perhaps they should have a whip around for some new calculator batteries :vsad:

  4. rtcosic

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    Reminds me of a presentation I made to the local board seeking approval of a c. $75million investment. Obviously many manhours of technical and financial analysis had gone into this.

    The MD whipped out his little 4 function calculator and all the other directors sat in silence whilst he pounded away on it for several minutes.

    He then nodded and said 'that's sounds about right'.

    The proposal was then 'nodded through' for me to present to the main board.

    To this day I have no idea what sums he was doing!
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    Hi, I would guess that he was playing for time to give himself thinking time to re-affirm his decision and his character assessment of you.

  6. rtcosic

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    Knowing the guy, it was more about his own insecurities.
  7. pressbrake1

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    essex england
    Ive got to house my new horizontal borer and I’ve decided its easy to pour the base position it, put crane steels in then build the building instead of playing musical chairs with machines to get it in existing shop(and Ive given up with people collecting stuff they’ve bought to make room)
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