best tool you ever bought

  1. Ratty

    Ratty Putting the She in Sheds

    Ooo thanks zardoz - podgers all over the shop - I mean forum - at the moment.
  2. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

    Sefton, South Island, NZ
    Isn't it just after that that he does his best ever line :-
    "my suit's wet, but my Martini's still dry ;)"
    Utter, utter class.
  3. Ian B Member

    Hey Wozzaaah,

    I saw earlier on in this thread that you mentioned searching for mis-spelled items on Ebay - have you seen this?


  4. johnphilip Member

    hello my first post

    would have to say my best investment was a log splitter
    saves on the back and heart :laughing:
    love the site by the way ( its ok to say love:):)
  5. Ian B Member

    Best tool that I ever bought? Dead easy - this:


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  6. oh a rubber ducky, quack quack
  7. Welderpaul

    Welderpaul Moderator Staff Member

    Knuckle boom on that one Ian? i.e digs round corners, scratches its own ****??
  8. Ian B Member


    No, just a straight arm, so I can only cause damage directly in front of me (unless I swipe something with the counterweight of course).

    It has double tires in the photo, I've since fitted 700mm singles to it, which do a bit better on my swamp - er - land. I've also moved the boom to its full extension, and that combined with the tires makes it a bit bouncy at times.

    But great fun to drive! The photo shows it with a 0.9m3 bucket on, and it'll pick that up full of wet clay at full stretch, no probs. Waaay more power than I'm safe to be let loose with :-)

  9. clairetoo Member

    Leicester England
    My best tool purchase - and one of my favorites - has to be my Viceroy lathe that I bought around 22 years ago for a massive £'s getting a bit tired , but it must have payed for itself 20 times over by now !
  10. MrFluffy Member

    In the shed
    Who do you get to pull you out? Visions of a duck surrounded by big scoops when the grounds too boggy to get anchorage in to pull the weight of the machine through mud :)
    (disclaimer, I have a jcb 3ciii with the same sinkage issues, although I have a front clamshell and a back acter to walk out of trouble with :D)
  11. Angusdog

    Angusdog Well-meaning amateur

    Wellington, NZ
    I could rabbit on for ages about rubbish tools I've bought and then broken. Or ones which should have lasted (DeWalt 115mm angle grinder, I'm looking at you...) and didn't. And poorly designed tools. Swivel vices? I want to wale on some metal, not have you turn your head away because your swivel can't be tightened up any more. And your handle that I bent like a pretzel? That's why I had to weld a big socket on instead and use a cheap T-bar to tighten you.

    Tools I love:

    - a pair of angle grinders. Just bought another B&D one today. Looks identical to the other one but seems to have a 700W motor and the old one has a 900W motor.

    - my cheap chinese air compressor. Belt drive, 13cfm and just keeps going. Runs a sandblaster, impact driver, DA sander, inflates tyres and blows dust out of the garage.

    - Best of all, my Telwin 150A MIG. This thing just does what it says on the box. I've made loads of stuff with it and enjoyed every minute. When the liner finally packs in I've got a heavy duty BOC euro-connector torch to put on which I picked up cheap a while ago.

    If I were a more experienced TIG welder, I'd probably say the AC/DC TIG/Plasma unit but I am yet to get time to make anything useful with it so far. However I got the plasma working nicely today. Small tip: Don't use your big T-square as a straight edge without goggles - took a nick out of it 'cause I was squinting (test cut). Ordered gas goggles five minutes later. And yup I had normal eye protection on, just my welding helmet is too dark.
  12. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    I can't think of a tool that springs out as the best as I tend to buy as I need and get decent ones but as valued tools I'd say my ebay Bahco socket set for £60 posted and the cheapest I've seen it at is £150 in shops and a Black and Decker jig saw from the flea market for £15 about 8 years ago. It has variable speed pendulum action and the blade will run so slow you can count the revolutions.
  13. SwissTony Member

    UK, East Sussex
    2nd hand facom 21 piece 1/2" drive socket set, fantastic condition, looks brand new, all for a whole £3. It came in a RS cantilever toolbox I got on ebay, which came with another 12 different items, including a new set of bacho spanners and other decent goodies, all for £40 deliver.
  14. Nimbus Member

    W Yorks UK
    Leatherman Wave tool. It gets used every day for something.
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  15. brightspark

    brightspark Member

    best tool

    bought over 30 years ago for £12 .00 and used regular ive just retired it :laughing: found something better and quicker anyone know what its for ;)
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  16. BeeJay99

    BeeJay99 Forum Supporter

    B&D Workmate (c1977 with cast alloy legs). Still going strong despite having every abuse but one heaped upon it.
  17. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    East Yorkshire

    Floor board saw

    2nd vote for trusty old Black and decker workmate, been using mine all week
  18. brightspark

    brightspark Member

  19. caprinut New Member

    Swansea Valley
    my computer to view this site
  20. awemawson Forum Supporter

    A portopower hydraulic 10 ton body jack thingy - bought at a boot fair yonks ago for £10 the most useful thing is an expanding wedge. Tuck it under a heavy machine and jack up enough to get a roller in and hey presto even the heavyest machines in my workshop I can move on my own