anti theft paint

  1. DAPPH

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    Near to Cross Hands Llanelli SouthWales GB
    Look up smart water products as well … thieves hate them as they are difficult to remove from skin & clothing . Plus they glow under UV light and can be traced back to the user as smartwater make the product unique to an individual purchaser .

    30 years ago there used to be another product called" Repulse " an indelible bright red UV detectable dye that had the most toenail gut wrenching revolting stench I've ever come across … real smell & vomit stuff .
    It used to be in a small aerosol for use to spray on yourself if attacked by a rapists or muggers etc. The smell is evil and takes weeks to disappear .
    For one particular tool shop Barry & I set up an aerosol in an innocuous aluminium housing by a door so that if the door was forced a solenoid above the operating button was tripped to lock on and spray the contents of the aerosol at waist height till it was empty .
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  2. Keith 66 Member

    Essex UK
    Re the 12 gauge alarm mines, perfectly legal as no barrel, blank cartridges can be purchased if over 17.
    After a spate of break ins on the farm where i had my workshop i fitted a couple to the doors at each end.
    One day with hangover forgot to disarm it & yanked the door open. I can attest they are very effective & loud, I knew what it was instantly but still near filled my pants.
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  3. fizzy Forum Supporter

    A lot of old safes had a glass vial inside containing a form of tear gas. Very nasty for people trying to break open the safe. Even nastier now though - they can decompose into Hydrogen Cyanide after many years:o
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  4. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    The police around here gave out smart water kits a few years back. Like a clever-er version of datatag. The signs that came with the kit were pretty decent.
  5. MBB Forum Supporter

    Chap in up here had a fishing line with hooks on strung across the beams where thieves had broken in in through the sheds roof. They came back a couple of weeks later and the fishing line was found outside his shed with a few hooks missing. He said if he was reported to the police he was only hanging the line out to dry.
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  6. knighty Forum Supporter

    safes (maybe just the good ones?) are made out of layers of steel/copper/steel/copper/concrete/steel... (etc.) an old guy told me all about it once

    they were apparently explosion welded together - maybe just a big press these days?

    mixing the metals like that apparently makes it horrible to cut through

    I've been trying to think of ways you could mix layers of stuff to achieve something like that

    steel/wood/steel would work pretty well to slow them down, steel easy to cut with a grinder but then wood is slow as blade burns through it

    not enough to stop them but it would slow them down a lot?

    only problem is it doesn't really work for a chain etc.
  7. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    Best materials for anti-theft these days includes Boron steel. Given that cordless angle grinders slice through most normal steels, even hardened steels, you need Boron or Manganese or something with extreme wear properties that makes the grinder chatter off it or overheat.

    All you're doing is buying time for exposure and for the would-be-burgler to worry about a clean escape.
  8. anto44

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    A piece of thick rubber conveyor belt sandwiched between two layers of sheet metal would be quite effective at slowing down a grinder. The rubber would be constantly snatching the blade and the smoke given off would be very nasty
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  9. Morrisman

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    Friend of mine had his caravan pinched off his drive in the wee hours of the night, while his neighbour was on the phone to the police, watching from his bedroom window, telling them it was happening, that some ‘travelling folk’ had pulled up, climbed the gate, cut the locks, opened the gate and were hitching the van up......but the cops refused to come out saying it is not a crime until it’s been stolen.

    It got stolen.

    The farce he went through trying to get it back is beyond description. At one point he was accused of being ‘cold hearted’, because the cops had to evict a family of ‘travelling folk’ to remove his stolen van from their disgusting squatters site.
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  10. Turbo Member

    Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
    My Uncle served in the RAF during & after WW2 & spent a lot of time stationed around Palestine & Aden. The place was rife with pickpockets so they sewed fish hooks into their back trouser pockets to catch them! :D
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