And another one finished

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    back in 68-71 I had lambrettas ld 125(beach bike no tin ware) Li150 sx200 , series 1 or 2 can't remember what model it was it was the early fat one.
    my last before I traded it in for a T350 Rebel.
    nice resto but ditch those two lights.
  3. Keep them, when I've restored something from a box of bits I can't bring myself to get rid, what I tend to do is run them for a couple of years then strip them down and give them a makeover
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  4. Worth a lot of money now
  5. The S types had the extra lights
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    Looks great, well done. I had a couple of Li150s and a TV175 in the mid sixties, only claim to fame was one of them was written off when I hit my mate in the middle of a disused airfield - we were the only two there at the time. Of course helmet was hanging on the back rest so didn't do much good. I got £17 for the TV when I bought my first minivan. Another mate changed his Li for a Vespa and fell off 3 times getting it home?? Good years indeed.
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  7. Mate paid a fortune to chrome the side panels on his Vespa, about a week later he came across a a ramp some kids had built for their pushbikes, just a scaffold plank propped up at one end on 3 house bricks so he tried to catch some air... you can guess the result, gouges really stand out on polished chrome!!!
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    oh you must the 80's guy .I dont remember them back in the late 60's.
    this was my last an Li 150 pace maker
  9. Very nice. Arthur Francis in Watford started to produce the S types in the late 60s with Rayspeed continuing to build them more or less up to the present day
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    Lad across the road had an AF Rayspeed sounded really nice. My first scooter was LD150 then series 2 Li150 series 2 TV175. This was when I was a teenager. A friend of mine buys and sells Lambrettas and he sold A TV same as the one I had nearly 50 years ago for about £4000.
  11. They do go for silly money, dearest I've seen one go for of late was just short of £14,000 but the norm for an SX or Tv in good condition is £5,000 to £8,000, bonkers
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    Beautiful job
  13. Thank you
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    United Kingdom
    Well done. That's stunning.
  15. Thanks very much
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    The missus has always wanted one of these but I won't let her have in London it's just way to scary I think.

    Great job....any build pics you could share?
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    That is a thing of beauty
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  19. Cheers
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    I had a Triumph Tigress scooter. It was a 250cc four-stroke twin with a four-speed. Quite fast for a scooter but horribly unstable.