A curious bearing...

  1. badabec

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    Have you a couple of large sockets, one for the housing and one for the bearing race? If SWIMBO is out, put it on the gas stove to get it really hot. Or use a blow lamp. Then support on the larger socket and cosh the race out with the smaller socket.
    And as doubleboost suggests, if it is really hot, use gloves like a tea towel, don't put them on.
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  2. Richard T New Member

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    Inching forward with this but have successfully got it apart :

    Conrod on the left : clamped a socket in a vice, resting on a block, rested the big-end on it, and tapped the outer race down with a smaller socket. Came out remarkably easily, didn't even need to use heat.

    Cut into the inner race (small cutting wheel on Dremel) and some moderate whacks in the groove with a cold chisel (carefully supported) and that too came off.

    New bearing (bottom middle) ready for duty. Progress !

    Appreciate the advice, everyone - thank you. Have been gradually stripping and cleaning the casing of the compressor this comes from, so should get to applying some paint soon and can start reassembling.
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