Welder Operating Manuals

This page links to a number of manuals and other information listed by manufacturer in alphabetical order. Further support can be found on the forum (by posting a thread and asking).

If the manufacturer still provides the manual in an accessible manual then our links will point to the download area of the manufacturer's website.

If the manuals are no longer available from the manufacturer, and if someone has sent them in pdf format, then we'll host them here.

If you are a manufacturer and you do not wish for your manual to be hosted or linked from here please email . Your manual or link will be swiftly removed. Please send the email from your place of work so we know it's really you. If you could suggest alternative sources for your manual that would be much appreciated.

If you have a manual or link to a manual that is not listed please send it to . We won't post any information that is still available from the original source (even if you have to pay for it).


See Murex


NBC and the older European sourced Butters machines.

Butters AMT 311SC (panel functions - forum)
Butters ACDC 160 - 200 Controls (forum)


Clarke manuals can be downloaded from www.clarkeservice.co.uk/manuals/
Clarke Service might send you a printed copy of a manual if you email them, but all the Clarkes will work in much the same manner.

We've got a few older ones on here for reference:

Clarke 155 and 170 manual (3.9Mb pdf) (1990s models)

Pro90, 100E and 150EN (1.1Mb pdf) (2000 onwards models) The manual is wrong! (most of the time) - see the forum thread in the link about checking the order of the power settings. We think the numbers are the course settings and the min/max the fine settings. The Clarke 90 is an exception.

MIG 110EN, 130EN, 135TE, 151TE, 160EN (1.7Mb pdf) Covers models current in 2008.



The Cebora website offers manuals and parts lists for their later models. Find the welder with the navigation on the left, then scroll down to Tecnical info at the bottom.



Draper manuals and parts list



Elandmig 175,300 and 320



LPB20 Handycut / Minicut plasma cutter



Castolin Eutectic offer excellent support and it's well worth getting in touch with them if you need a manual.

Here's a manual for a circa 1980s or 1990s Castomag 180



For Fronius manuals contact Brian Divers: briand (at) tps-fronius.co.uk



Owners Manual downloads



Kemppi Operating Manuals


Lincoln Electric

Operator manuals and Parts Pages by product name or machine code



User manuals (log-in not required - see the links at the top of their page)



Owner's Manuals

Check out their resources and education section while you are there - it's excellent.


Murex / BOC

Manuals and parts lists (navigate to support then the type of welder you have).


NBC (The original Norman Butters Co)

Autoweld 2 wiring diagram (DIY version from a forum member).



Sealey seem to have moved or deleted their online manuals.


SIP / Cosmo

SIP offer manuals for 90% of the current welder range in PDF format, however they don't seem to be on their website any more. Manuals can be requested by emailing their technical support - contact details on their website http://www.sip-group.com/

See also converting polarity from gas to dual polarity gas + gasless for Migmate 105, 130 and 155 models.

Unofficial sources:

SIP Manual (1.5Mb pdf) Works for most SIP welders up until about 2005.

SIP Autoplus 150/180 Wiring Diagram (forum) Wiring diagram and parts list on post 23.

SIP Migmate wiring diagrams and modifications (forum)(electrical modification to reduce the sensitivity of the wire speed knob).

SIP Migmate torch and wire liner servicing (keeping the wire feed working).



Their website



This isn't a comprehensive list but it's a start. If you know where to find manuals that aren't listed email me at or send me a private message (to malcolm) via the forum.

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