WolfWeld Arc 250

  1. angellonewolf

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    bristol england
    yes agree electrics vary what seams to be by quite a lot with having a quzz arc that went up to 200 amp would weld 3.2 rod easy on a 13 amp plug was not doing for long at 115amp

    and the sureweld i had would only run a 1.6 rod or would blow a fuse at 80 amps so they do differer largely

    but as above untill the trigger is pulled there would only be some amps going through not a large amount to pop a mcb does the transformer not come in till the trigger pulled ?
  2. gaz1

    gaz1 Forum Supporter

    id like to ask which one is it by your comments as in one case your saying its blowing fuses as soon as you turn it on and another your saying its blowing fuses after 1" of welding is being done ?

    can you advise more
  3. rikrobson

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    Perth, Scotland
    Im on about just turning it on not cranking it up to max. Obiously its going to blow 13 or 16 amps if its on max
  4. Pcrouch666

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    Wales, UK
    The fuse will blow at switch on sometimes, I change the fuse and turn it on again, the fan starts, I strike and get maybe a 1 inch weld then it pops the fuse. Other times I change the fuse and switch on and it blows the fuse. I've had the cover off (to fix a loose foot) and everything inside is like brand new, I might of thought it could be dust / cobweb build up but its all perfect.

    The clamp lead has got a kink in it I didn't know if maybe that affects it ? the other leads are perfect. The plug is the original rubber plug that came fitted. It's just so frustrating as I just want to get on with learning how to weld.
  5. cumbriasteve

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    Cumbria UK
    As I originally mentioned in post 2, why not take it back to your friend who apparently it worked fine for and see if it still does.

    If it works without problems at his house then the machine is ok and you need your electrics done.

    Seems the easiest and simplest solution to me because you are getting nowhere at the moment.
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