What's The Best Way to Weld this Socket into a 45 gallon Oil Drum?

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    Right, this is one I know the answer to, as I've done them before...

    Use a brass tank connector, like the one someone posted above.

    Don't worry about the curve. Clean the paint off where the fitting is to go, cut the hole, flux the fitting and the barrel wall, do up the fitting hard, with no seals, and the wall will form to the fitting (ie the curve is not a problem) then slacken the fitting a touch.

    Heat the whole lot, and soft solder, like you would do a capillary joint. I mean the nut and all (not the compression fitting, but the nut that goes against the barrel wall)

    The whole job then becomes not only watertight, but also physically solid, with none of the spinning round bother you get with seals.

    If you can't get to the inner face, you won't be able to clean it, but you will still get a bond on the front.

    If you can't get to the inside, tie a small weight on a bit of string. Drop the weight into the drum, and roll the drum about until it drops out the hole. Then slide the inner fitting down the string, and pull it through the hole.

  2. How to fit a tank connector in a closed top barrel.
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    Barrels come in two thicknesses, if welding try and locate a heavy duty one. I chop them down into half barrels and turn them into fuel caddies for the guys. They mig weld with no problems, only thing I would say is buy a steel socket for the few pennies they cost.


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    That's a cleaver idea
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    Hi gaz

    I want to heat around 40 gallons and have already done some R&D using some Old Barrels and it works even better than expected!

    So now I want to replicate what I have done so far by using New Barrels, where basically I'm just playing around in order to see what is possible in an attempt at getting some free hot water to use alongside my normal hot water system

    @mechman good idea! I'll see what I can find
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    Hi Bob

    My Barrels are the same as yours and I will get some Steel Sockets

    Ditto a very clever idea you have there!
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    @8ob you need your own website/youtube channel! That's top work, I'm often messing about pumping diesel into a smaller barrel and then into one of the kids Land Rovers
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    I still think you are over doing it, as I said, fit a tank connector with fibre washers, or make a gasket from card or gasket cork & some sealant. It holds hot oil or water in a car engine under pressure without leaking for years. The whole fitting would be in, fitted & done in minutes & if there was a leak at any time it's easily sorted. Keep it simple.

    Edit. Also where you cook the drum up welding it you may have a rust problem to deal with later.
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