Welds not sticking

  1. Iandh New Member

    Durham UK

    Bottle is fully open. Quite a new bottle too.
  2. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    Wiltshire, UK
    Definitely lack of gas there, if your something is very wrong.
    The bottle may be fully open but what is your regulator flow rate set to?
    Are you welding indoors or outside?
  3. Iandh New Member

    Durham UK
    Well, it was a new bottle, but it's now empty!
    I must have a leak.

    Thanks guys
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  4. eddie49 Member

    After you finish welding, always turn off the gas flow at the valve on the bottle. You cannot rely on the gas solenoid in the welder to be gas-tight.
    Since your intention was to weld on an old car, I would suggest Hobbyweld 5 would be a better choice - less CO2, less heat, lower risk of burn-through.
    [ With 15% CO2, Hobbyweld 15 is recommended for > 7mm steel !! ]
    For 1mm sheet, with a 150 Amp MIG that has only 4 ranges, I don't think you ever need to go over the "MIN" and "1" setting.
    Check out the "Thin Metal Technique" on this Forum, and consider using a thick copper or brass backing bar.
    Are you using an auto-dim helmet? That is definitely to be recommended.
    Try longer runs - an inch or two, and perhaps on slightly thicker ( 1.5 - 2.0 mm ), bright shiny clean new metal, then post pics on here.
  5. Iandh New Member

    Durham UK
    Hi Eddie49
    I thought I always did turn off, but failed!

    New gas bottle and on min and 2 seems to have helped. Latest weld looks rougy, but didn't break even after a hammer, so getting There!

    Low gas and too much power seemed to be my issue.

    Yes, using autodim

  6. Kent

    Kent Member

    Bowland, Lanacshire,UK
    Too hot by far look at it, its cooked! Not gas just way too hot.
    1mm steel needs finer mig settings, good gas coverage and the user comming off the go switch the nano second the gap opens up toomuch to fill with weld, second to vool and staight back on it.
    Flux core is useless on it, in fact outsude of special application and duel shield forget the stuff