Weld not penetrating metal?

  1. eddie49 Member

    Hmmm.... "very long extension cord"... not ideal, especially for supplying power to a DC inverter-based machine ( a small and light box stuffed full of potentially sensitive and over-stressed Chinese electronic components ), as opposed to a less-critical old-fashioned AC transformer-based welder ( i.e. a "buzzbox" ). Best would be to use a very thick extension cord - e.g. 12 Gauge; better would be to have an extra 240v outlet installed nearer to your work area.
    The cheapest and simplest stick welder would be a AC buzzbox, which can be found at yard sales or on Craigslist. Modern DC inverters do tend to be easier to use and give a smoother arc.
  2. Ed. Member

    It will be interesting to see you trying to grind the bad welds out and redo it! Doesn't look like you have a lot of room there to work.