Review Uprtime Mig160 IGBT 160 amp Mig welder MMA, Euro Torch.

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    Yes, the machine will run .6 wire, with a new .6mm tip in the Eurotorch and a new 0.6mm/0.8mm roller ( it is delivered with 0.8/1.0 mm ).

    E.G. this roller:
    However, many people on the Forum have the opinion that 0.6mm wire is awful to work with, and they only use 0.8mm. There are other threads that discuss this issue.

    The maximum reel size is 5Kg, 200mm ( 8") diameter.

    With a lowest Amp setting of zero, the Uptime will be fine for Mini panels. I have used mine with Lidl gasless 0.9mm wire, set at 24 Amps, to patch a Mk2 Astra, fabricating the patches out of 1.2mm sheet. The 0.8mm roller and torch tip are OK for the .9mm flux-core wire.

    Please bear in mind that cutting out rusty metal, fabricating and fitting patches, and tidying the joints is at least as much of a skills learning curve as the actual welding - but I think you will find that as you make progress it is very rewarding.
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    I'd buy the used Cebora 130 that's over in the for sale section, personally...
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