update Landrover saga

  1. stuvy

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    Totally agree with that did yet another one recently and the lad was worried the rear would sag. Cut the old one off and new one on in half a day all welded up

    It’s since sat on his drive doing nothing as he hasn’t bothered to tax it!
  2. Gritineye Member

    Sussex UK
    Just for reference from personal experience, if your'e organised, you can easily fit a new chassis under a 110 single handed in 24 hrs working time (3 x 8 hr days), got the T shirt for that..
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  3. aguycalledsteve

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    No, especially if it's been galv'd.

    Considering replacement new bulkheads can cost around £2k, £3k for a chassis is about right.
  4. Bobtail4x4 Member

    sheilder will sell you one for about £1500
  5. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    What’s the quality of the steel? We’ve had crap crossmembers that need a lot of rework to make them fit
  6. Robbie260 Member

    Scotland highland
    Cant be worse than britpart and i have heard of thier replacement rear crossmembers lasting 10 or more years of off road abuse in the highland estates peat bogs before needing replacing again so if its galvanised it will last long enough.
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  7. CompoSimmonite Member

    Werrington, Stoke-on-Trent
    My father had new Shogun, Patrol and Land Cruiser. He reckoned the Toyota was "best of the bunch".
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  8. BarrieJ

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    Milton Keynes, Bucks, United Kingdom
    Colin Cowley an old mate, deceased a few years now, ran an independent Land Rover/4x4 garage outside Milton Keynes, he'd worked on Land Rovers since the 1940's in Africa and there was nothing he didn't know about them.

    He was a serious 4 x 4 trialler and I have a feeling that the Anglian Rovers Owners Club (AROC) have a memorial trial and a cup named in his memory.
    Anyway his daily driver was a Toyota Land Cruiser and he always maintained the best model LR ever built was the Series 2.

    I've no idea what he'd make of the current LR range.
  9. Gerry Norris Member

    Berkshire UK
    Sheilder?? a company/person?I noticed on the mot paper work for the boy,s Landie that it had advisories up until 2017 1 was monitor corrosion underneath as well as low rear pads but the advisories "vanished" on the fail sheet in 2018?? Is this commonplace in this day and age?:dontknow:
  10. Rannsachair

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    Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland
    Its a company:
    https://www.shielderchassis.com/ I have a Richards galvanised chassis on my Defender.
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  11. ibrooks Member

    UK Lancashire
    Were the "problems" fixed? A coat of paint/underseal/oil on the corrosion and a set of brake pads would make the advisories disappear.

    It's also a matter of the testers opinion that these items may get to the point of being a fail in the next 12 months so different tester may differ on whether they should be advisories or not. If they've been going on for so long without anything being done and without developing into a failure it does sort of suggest that the advisory in the first few years was a bit overzealous.
  12. Gerry Norris Member

    Berkshire UK
    Morning all just been down to have alook at said "Landie" IT will be a rear cross member change, the diesel fuel tank will need changing sweep seals and a front hub seal pads all round 1 new brake line pus a lot of cleaning up underneath oh and a complete rear exhaust system. BUT the good news is His dad who runs the workshop will be helping when he can fit it in with running the firms machines.:clapping::clapping:
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