Stick welding technique with base 7018

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    Not a bad effort at an instructional vid, although agree with a couple of guys above, that your technique and outcome meeds to be impecable if your trying to instruct people.

    Firstly, on the restart , by arcing up in the crater and just making your way up, your almost sure to leave porosity with low hys. Better off starting just below then come up and carry on the root, overlapping the stop/start. That way you can grind off the hump left therefore removing any porosity. Or, arc up an inch above the restart on the side wall, then come down (quite quickly without depositting metal) so when you get back into the root, the rod and flux are hot. Youll weld over the arc strike and burn out any flux.

    Secondly, at about 3:30 in, you say that you can only use one hand.
    Well I'm sorry but thats just daft. If youre comfortable and dont get yourself in a bind by the time you've burnt half the rod, whats the problem with steadying with a finger halfway along the rod, or supporting your hand??
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    I agree. I just would of gotten exactly the same message across but in a more approachable manner that’s all.

    Edit. Just like the post directly above.
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    First rule of welding is get the very best position you can under the circumstances and always prop if its feasible to do so
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    Its never easy telling someone that their welding isnt as good as they think it is. I had the problem a couple of times and I sent them both on training courses but made it sound like advancement rather than a last resort. Fortunately it worked both times.