Stainless tables

  1. badabec

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    Essex UK
    I'm never afraid to show my ignorance, what is so good about them and how do they work?
  2. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

    Somerset - United Kingdom
    Well, I’m guessing you’ve seen as of much of them as I have?
    And obviously as I don’t (yet!) have any, I’ve no idea how they “feel” in use, so to speak.

    Operation-wise, all I can really tell is that the central lever is the release, and I suspect it works in either direction, as opposed to mole-grip-type things, where the lever is always used in the same direction.

    But to find any more out, I’d either have to visit somebody who owns some, or just buy my own.

    In the first picture on this post, Paul is using the same corner-clamps as I do - but when using them, I wouldn’t be able to get a G-clamp in that smallish gap underneath the frame, caused by the height of the work-piece, once it’s held in the clamp.

    And it looks as if those would fit - but would also obviously be used for other clamping uses, too.

    Also, I find it very hard to believe that there’s anyone on God’s green earth, (or at least, on this Forum!) who owns enough clamps - so more could never be a bad thing - in my case, anyway!

    Possibly with the exception of Paul (& a few of the other “Clamp-meisters” on here), who have quite enough, already!

    Or, at least more than enough of them to give my (normally indelible) complexion, a slight tinge of green!

    But, in my defence, I’ve also done so many years as a carpenter, that clamps have probably always been a bit of a “thing”, with me!

    All the Best,