Square to round hopper

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    Always worth bring this stuff back around.

    I will remember the corner nick, when I next do a PLASTIC one :laughing::laughing:
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    they were harder in a mucky metal shop with a pocket calculator, the search for a decent place to lay it out and at least three other guys telling you "you don't wanna do it like that!". Yes developing out is a dying art and a few of the older crew are being asked to come in and show the new guys how (apparently you don't need to do it without a computer)
    nice job done, is there some construction detail on your folder some place? it looks interesting in itself.
  3. Nice to see for me as well. It was quite some years ago that I did one of these and an old guy showed me how being as I was semi skilled at fabricating.
    I was talking to a mate the other day who does bits and I talked about square to round but had to confess that I'd never done it since and couldn't even remember
    how to go about it. Seeing and reading this thread as recharged my memories so thank you for that Paul. Nice work Lad.
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