Soda Blasting

  1. brightspark

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    theres a place up near us at Aycliffe flog all the gear and the soda. a few years ago it was 9 quid a bag
  2. johnser

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    North Cornwall
    Had good results using a hobby setup with eBay soda on some carbs before. Doesn't need to be messy or use a lot of stuff if you can build a cabinet for it.
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  3. Sorry for the late reply. I now have a Blast Pot and a Small Clarke style cabinet (just get a Carb in it). Was going to get some Ecostrip Soda from here but it turns out they don't post 25Kg (too light). I did fond some Ecostrip on ebay about the same price but then after watching this video it reminded me about the Armex stuff which you linked.

    This is the XL stuff (280 Microns), is this OK for Carburettors and Aluminium Car Parts.

    Did fond someone doing Vapour Blasting (Carb for £10 and my Flywheel and Bell Housing for £25) but its about 40 miles away so I figured for about £40 if I get the media (which will be enough for my parts and more - what the heck?