SIP Ideal 180 Settings

  1. bengyb Member

    West Sussex UK
    So I finally finished getting my old SIP 180A up and running!

    I've fitted new liner, motor brushes and regreased the feed motor gearbox.

    My first project is some patches on my MK2 Ford Galaxy.

    I tried laying down some welds on some scrap, but only to check it works, nothing descent.

    I'm going to using 0.8mm sheet, 0.6 wire and argoshield lite.

    Can anybody advise a good base settings for 0.8mm sheet for this welder?

    Unfortunately it hasn't got a settings table inside the lid.
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  2. Shedendman

    Shedendman Member

    east sussex
    For a start get rid of the 0.6 and used 0.8 wire
    Turn the bottom 3 dials down to zero,you wont need to use them if you're starting out,the top dial can be left where it is IIRC ,then play with the voltage settings and wire speed,oh leave it on mig not spot weld
    Experiment,practice and practice more
    I had the same welder in fact i bought it from a fellow member @Windy Miller ;) its a big beast of a machine(heavy) with a good wire feed motor that'll pull a train,when SIP made welders before they went downhill
    I think somewhere i might have a users manual,on an old HD,but dont build your hopes up on that,windy might;)
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  3. Shedendman

    Shedendman Member

    east sussex
    Where in sussex are you btw?
  4. bengyb Member

    West Sussex UK
    Cheers for the pointers!

    I'm in Bognor Regis.
  5. Windy Miller Semi-Professional Potterer!

    North Kent, UK
    Sorry - can't help you with a manual.

    You have a good old machine there - built to last!

    Be sure to post up plenty of pics when you get going on the Galaxy.
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  6. whensparksfly Member

    Wire speed 2 amp2
    Or wire speed 3 amp 3
  7. eddie49 Member

    Nice old machine, when SIPs were good!
    I would suggest:
    Power setting 1
    Small control knobs from the top:
    Function - 2nd position - i.e. centred - normal torch trigger control, not Spot and not Stitch
    Wirefeed 2 or 3
    Welding time 0
    Pause time 0
    Burnback 3