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    This thread links to a small selection of informative threads in the shielding gas forum and elsewhere. There's a lot more good stuff that can be found with the shielding gas forum search.

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    Gas price calculator

    Gas price spreadsheet
    An excel spreadsheet maintained by marknotgeorge compares shielding gas prices from a number of suppliers. Depending on your usage and location a hobby welder could save up to 80% on shielding gas.

    Gas comparisons (mild steel MIG)

    Gas comparison for DIY mild steel (on main site)
    Comparison between CO2, Argon/CO2 mix, and pure Argon.

    [​IMG] CO2 Thin Metal Warning
    Beware when welding 1mm or less on low settings - CO2 can fail to maintain a workable arc.

    Detailed comparison of percentages of Argon and CO2 (Shenion's website)
    Shenion varies the gas mix at 10% intervals from 100% Argon to 100% CO2.

    Wow! Argonshield
    Member changes from CO2 to an argon/CO2 mix. Notices a difference.

    Welding gas reference (main site)
    A quick lookup by Omniata showing the composition of different BOC and Air Products gasses.

    Weld faults due to shielding gas

    Welds collapse in frothy heap
    Includes photos of porous welds and one good one. Welding outdoors in the wind or poor flow from disposable regulator might have been the trouble.


    How to judge correct gas flow setting
    If you only don't have a flow gauge on your regulator you'll need a peashooter to measure gas flow.

    Freezing regulators on CO2
    Some non-welding CO2 bottles suck up liquid from the bottom with a tube.

    Gas Economiser (Argomiser/Argosaver) Photos of gas economisers and why Chinese regulators cause exprosions.

    Disposable bottles

    How long do they last?
    Not very long at all. A 60L bottle running 10L/min would last for 6 minutes (1m of weld).

    Connecting the welder to the regulator
    How to fit and remove the plastic pipe.

    Disposable regulator and gas bottle problems
    Covers some bottle problems as well as regulator problems.


    Shielding Gas Cylinder Safety
    Woz's well researched post covering aspects of bottle identification, handling, use, disposal and many more dos and don'ts.

    Transporting gas bottles
    Rules and regulations for transporting bottles.

    Use the right gas in the right cylinder
    Some info about why not to fill a cylinder with a different gas.

    How to fit a regulator
    How to safely fit and set up a regulator on an industrial gas cylinder

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