Review Sealey 170/1 PCB Board to Rectifier wiring

  1. brading Member

    Could someone please tell me which wire A or B on the PCB board goes to 1 on the rectifier board. There is a fuse on the A wire. Thank you
    • Sealey 170  1 PCB Board 2.jpg
    • Sealey170 Slash 1 Rectifier Board 2.jpg
  2. eddie49 Member

    Post #8 of this thread has a circuit diagram:
    The wire with the fuse - "A" in your picture - goes to the negative of the rectifier. The negative plate of the rectifier is also bolted to the heavy wire from the inductor, so that is "2" in your picture.
    For confirmation, the wire "B" in your picture goes to the positive of the rectifier, i.e. "1" , and that also has a thick black cable going to the MIG torch.
  3. brading Member

    eddie49 Thank you very much for that.