RTech AC/DCTIG 161 stuck on 236A

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    Afternoon All,

    I've got a 2010 vintage 160A AC/DC TIG set that on Sunday that while tacking at about 40A, jumped to 236A. Mega arc, pothole in my workpiece and still a bit of a bright spot when I close my eyes so I'm fairly certain it achieved the stated 236A.

    It's now stuck on 236A and the pots and switches on the front panel have no effect in any configuration or setting. The gas solenoid stuck open on failure and only closes with a power cycle. After I'd disconnected the bottle, I found that the gas solenoid will click as the current pot is turned below about 30A but not sure if this is opening or closing.

    I've already been on the phone to RTech to book a courier to collect for inspection but while I'm sat here musing (they're quoting 10-14 days leadtime on repairs at the minute), wondered if anyone else had seen this issue and what the resolution was. I see cnc_freak had a similar issue in 2015 but there's no follow up on the resolution. Being in Greece, I don't know if they'd have sent it back to RTech.

    I've had the covers off to investigate the boards, but can't identify any skid marks or damaged components. Shame really as it's all through hole so would have been easy enough to swap components out. I'm hoping it's economically viable to fix, if not, I'd best start thinking of projects needing 236A...

    I'll keep you posted.
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    Dewsbury - WF12
    The welder went back to RTech and the main board was replaced. £198 later (£85+vat for the board, 2 hours labour at £30/hr+vat and £20+vat for the carriage) it's back with me and good as new, turned around in about 8 or 9 days.

    I asked what components had failed when they rang for the payment but it doesn't sound like any failure mode investigation is carried out on the boards. I didn't really expect much given it's long superseded parts at any rate.

    Either way, it's back and it's working well. Happy days
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    Glad you had a result, I have an early AC/DC tig that's being back a few times now, always the same thing random numbers on the display won't do a thing, always worse in the winter, but you can never guarantee if it will work or not, as a result, it probably has under 2 hours total welding time on the thing.

    Ps. Welcome to the forum.