not so much a project, just a moment of insanity

  1. ive got some ordered, £60 i didnt want to spend, but it will make it more saleable when finished to say its had new rings, so ive gone for that

    the car now owes me £229 and rising, i budgeted £350 to get it on the road, so its a bit of a worry.
  2. nearly ready for brum brum noises

    have fiddled with the dynastart and carb, have new gasket and rings, just need to get a better seal between rings and bore

    i cleaned the bores with a hone but it was too fine, i either need a rough hone or to get the barrels bored and nickel plated to get them to standard size

    heres a pic of the cam arrangement

    it was more complex than it looks, you have to get the rocker shafts out first, then a circlip holds the cam in (the easy bits) getting the eccentrics in the right place and locking them and getting the carrier over whilst not dropping the bobweight and the spacer is tricky, plus youve got a weird circlip that you cant fully access

    weird but interesting