New Barn Project

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    Here it is with the Te20 doing the donkey work.
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    That,s like a snapshot from yesteryear!
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    No thats a snap shot of a farmer type, why buy new when something from the 1940s held together with bailing twine, fencing wire and the odd bit of pokey wire will do.

    Might i suggest he likes tractors!
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    Interesting, thanks. Our McConnel has no mount for a trailer, it is a very old one. We do use a seperate pump/tank for it though as the fe35 is very slow.
  5. Work has finally calmed down enough for me to start back onto the barn build.
    The area behind the top retaining wall has all been backfilled and 6 packs of concrete blocks delivered which should be enough to get me up to the first floor.
    DPC is in and I'm 2 courses above it, my block laying is getting quicker and it's a lot easier now I'm out of the trench.
    The plan is once the block work is upto the first floor the floor joists will go in, a temporary floor laid, and then the roof will be put on by working off the temporary floor. 20160508_190230_001.jpg
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    Good stuff , it looks great I'm not jealous at all......jeff
  7. gav0994 Member

    Do you plan to re paint the portal frame before you crack on with the block work? Looks like there is a fair amount of rust coming through the paint.

    All looks good though and I'm not jealous in anyway whatsoever!
  8. armalites Member

    Looks cool, I do love the whole "Why get someone with a telehandler when I can do it on my own in 3 days hard work" :laughing:

    The picture misleads you on it's size, the wheel barrow is the real giveaway

    Is the beam for the hoist just going to be attached to the cross braces or is it going to have it's own supports at the ends?
  9. SIP-Free

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    Dan Saff!
    I'm very impressed with your ingenuity and skills, hard to believe this is one mans work.
    Very well done mate.
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  10. I realised that I haven't updated this thread for a good while, progress on the barn has moved on...
    The blockwork was slow going, I'd never make it as a bricky!
    Once I got up to the first floor level the joists went in, giving me a platform to work off for the first floor walls.
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  11. Loads of noggins went in to brace the joists, then I started on the walls.
    The original plan was to continue the block work up but it was such slow going I decided to switch to a timber frame, 145 x 45 treated timber with OSB on the outside, then breather membrane and timber cladding. 150mm insulation will go into the walls before the plasterboard goes on, leaving a 25mm services gap.
    I bought myself an Hitachi first fix gas nailer and a Titan cross cut saw and they proved invaluable.
    In the next pic you can see all that ash tree leaves are starting to fall.

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  12. garethp Forum Supporter

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    I'm not jealous at all, nope not one little bit :thumbup:
  13. Windy Miller Semi-Professional Potterer!

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    Me neither. Not at all...
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  14. Next job was the roof, I could have got away with 7" by 2" purlins for the roof but as I wanted to overhangs the gable ends I went with 9" x 2 1/2" purlins as they came in 6.1m lengths and were heavy!
    Lots of bracing in there as well which certainly stopped the gable ends from flexing.

    I also put the breather membrane on which was a chore but made the build look tidier.

    Also put the battens on for the cladding while I could still work from the inside out.
    The roofing sheets could then go on which means the inside can start drying out and it gives me a bit of shelter up there as it's pretty exposed.
    I used 50mm cellotex type insulation on top of the purlins, foil taped the seams and then the box profile on top, it was slow going as you can only put up one sheet of insulation at a time before then putting on a roofing sheet.
    I forgot to take a picture the last time I was up there but all the sheets are on with just the ridge capping and a few more fixings to go in.
    I haven't decided what's next on the build, most probably doing the stonework round the base of the walls that sit below the timber cladding or maybe the decking to the side of the barn.
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    Work: Dorchester, Workshop: Corfe Castle, Wife's place: Frome
    Beautiful job, good enough to live in :)
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    Very nice job :)

    My workshop roof is 80mm kingspan metalclad panels and I'm forever on the roof tightening up the fixings with the neoprene sealing washers. I think its with the expansion/contraction but they spring random leaks. You think you have it sorted then you find a puddle on the bench. If you overtighten it dents the panel, I think I may introduce some silicon next time.
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    That's looking fantastic, and to top it off it's also down in lovely Somerset.
  18. Found one last picture which shows a hive of industry!
    I'm working off a temporary floor at the moment, which includes my building materials and old pallets, it certainly makes you concentrate when stepping about!
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    Great build coming along nicely!! :thumbup:

    Any reason for not sticking a personnel/access door at the rear of the upper level, where the van is sitting in the last pic ^^ ?
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  20. The long side on the right in the last picture faces South so that's got the most openings to make it light and airy, a large decking area is going on that side which is level with the parking area at one end and about 10ft off the ground at the other.
    The corner you mentioned is going to be a shower and toilet.
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