My rusty 'rolla

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    I spent over £4000 on the restoration of my wife's Vanden Plas 1300 - for the car to be worth around £1500-£1800. It gave me a chance to develop my restoration skills, and my budget planning skills - On the Aston it has already cost me more than buying a drivebale vehicle, but that's not the point, it's a toy, it keeps me out of the pub and away from loose women, so my wife likes it, and when it's done it will be my car, made to my specification.
  2. MrFluffy Member

    In the shed
    As everyone says, it depends on how much you love/want the car if you bother repairing it. My rangey is going to need new inner sills and wings this year (patched it up last year yet again..) but its 20 odd years old, so these things happen. On the other hand I had a mk3 cavalier as a cheap runaround, that never let me down in the year and 10K i had it, right at the end of the year i took it for mot and rotten sills and rear inner wheelarches. Thats the first and only time I scrapped a car on economic repair grounds alone as I could just buy another unloved old mans 2L gli for 50 quid, its also the car I least wanted to keep ownership of afterwards. Ive got a shogun in the garden that I cant be bothered welding up the rear chassis frame up again either...
    If your looking for a quick patch it up for another year, the sills can be plated as long as the guy doing it goes back far enough to solid metal and seam welds the repairs on. Thats the problem, sometimes you prod and pry at a couple of dodgy looking plates with a screwdriver, and then you reach for mr trusty body saw and start cutting the rot/repairs out, and suddenly half the bloody cars on the floor!
    *RIGHT* at that point, as you survey the carnage on the floor, will cold reality hit home and you will truly know if you want the car THAT much...
    Signs its going to be a big job are previous plates, especially if theyre covered in underseal and dont seem very well done. On my rangey last year I found the inner and outer sills had been glued together with underseal, the worst of the job was cleaning it all off so I could put a weld on there instead...
    I also look at it longer term as a policy my vehicles should improve with ownership, and I know if I do a quick patch, ive got a year to get hold of some budget repair panels in prep for next years trial by mot.

    Worst flashbacks from a mini "Ill just patch up the a pillar, god the a panels a bit rotten and the inner wing, hmm better do that floorpan while im at it, oh bugger lets flip front it while im cutting it all out...", a ex rspca moggie minor van rotted by years of catwee "oh bugger, its so rotten we'll just cut everything out and build a new chassis/floorpan, hmm might as well fit disc brakes and chop it into a pickup while we're at it" and mrs fluffys vw bay window bus, which to be fair we was expecting a marathon repair job because it cost 50 quid and still drove, 500 quid worth of repair panels later its nearly done, and now she wants a diesel motorhome...

    Aint life brilliant, I think Ill stick to bikes...