My MIG welding progress - Comments, Tips&Tricks appreciated

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    Hey there,

    So I've been welding for a total of 2 days :artist:... i know, i know, master welder.

    First off, some info regarding equipment:

    Rohr mig-200mi. (pictures attached)
    • Runs off a Standard UK Plug 240V AC
    • Input Current 28a
    • Output Currents: MIG 50a - 200a, MMA 20a - 200a
    • Duty Cycle 60%, Transfer Efficiency over 85%
    • Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz, Power Factor 0.93
    • Plastic Spool with Metal Bar
    • Insulation Grade F / Housing Protection Grade IP21
    • Wire Specs: Speed (m/min) 2.5-13, Gauge 0.6mm - 1.0mm, Max Weight 5KG
    Sealey MIG/7K06 Mild Steel MIG Wire 0.7kg 0.6mm A18 Grade

    Straight CO2

    I've never welded before, so my knowledge comes from this forum (really appreciated) as well as YouTube.

    On my first go at it, I was quite jumpy due to a healthy mix of excitement and caution. Fortunately i did record the moment so that I could be made a fool of :laughing::

    After a few minutes, there was no stopping this bead runner and I was finally able to try and apply the techniques I recently acquired on the internet. Everything from gas regulation, to volts and wire speed, gun angle and push or pull techniques... all within a 20 minute timeframe :doh: It was really an interesting experience that sparked (:whistle:) my interest in welding:

    This past 2 days I've been practising beads on 2mm plates with a push technique trying to make those eeeeee's (not sure what the name is).

    This is the result of my first day of welding:

    and my second day of welding:

    I'm running 15 cfh of straight CO2, and trying different approaches to voltage and wire. But I tend to keep the volts on level 5/6 and wire speed at about the same. I know this doesn't say much my voltage levels only show when the gun is "hot" so i'm not yet confident enought to glance at the machine while welding.

    Please do critique my beads and let me know how I can improve. I find that my beads are too tall and I don't know why. I seem to be getting penetration as I can see a silhouette of the bead on the underside. Maybe i'm travelling to slow or have a higher wire speed than necessary?

    Thank you all and let me know what you think of my progress,
    • 205106-c2d8d406a15557f2b090ee8f6883dd14.jpg
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    • 205103-6a8ffab09fe2861297df1e0be265818c.jpg
    • 205102-3bf89f8ae9046dd4082a832d34b6ecd7.jpg
    • 205101-b3b191c39816d6292950acf9b37227e4.jpg
    • 205100-f15121acf05531678c08fe328e5bec13.jpg
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    Devon UK
    Good progress but clean your steel better,
    And turn your power up a bit more.

    Would like to see more penetration into the parent material rather than it just sat on the surface.
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  3. Canpoo

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    I did clean it with a flappy disc before welding.
    When turning up the power should I turn up the wire speed as well? Or you reckon it is good since it is stacking on the plate?
  4. Sean Another 602 fan

    This is part 3 of a seriese( the first 2 are pretty basic but worth a watch) Its pretty much about getting to know what your wire feed is doing

    Welding tips and tricks s
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  5. Georgiegirl New Member

    Hi if it was me i would try turning the wire down a notch at a time, keep it on the same power. You want a nice even crackling sound