Mower problems

  1. Dieselkid 63

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    If it were cast iron it would be hardier than the monkey metal they use. Also I can't weld! Soldering and brazing is as far as I've gone :D
  2. jpmillermatic

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    differing perspective from a Yank.....B&S motors are not all bad. The overhead valve design had problems and Briggs was criticized for outsourcing....they do deserve the knock there, no pun intended, but the cast iron motors, and twins that are not overhead valve designs are rock solid. (if you take care of them jusssst a little bit. and by that I mean change the oil and plugs every other year...) ;)

    I would buy B&S in a heartbeat but have done my research... I have a Kawi engine on a commercial walk behind that has to be 20 years old. its needed exactly what the B&S would need...a few gaskets and regular maintenance. rock solid.

    Kohler and Honda are indeed good engines as are Huskies.....good and rugged. They are designed for longevity....unlike big box branded tools.....


    oh, PS...those spindle towers are designed to give way for a hit a rock, it broke, but the frame and other components were largely sucks that they break, but it is for a reason. we love to cry planned obsolescence, and often it is....but not always.
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