Mig course

  1. JulieandTony Member

    I wondered if it was local, (Glenrothes) that was driving the choice.

    The normal process is a theory (covering all processes) on the first night, then 7-8 weeks on your chosen process, then whatever time is left after your test welds, you can get an introduction to something else, or something of your own.

    So if you did mig (for free?), for the last few weeks you could do tig, then follow up with another course on tig (pay) when you already have a good start, then at the end, perhaps do some aluminium or something else extending the tig experience

    Just a thought...

    We are over near Bathgate btw, just bought the parweld xtt202p ac/DC tig (already have a Portamig 215 mig)
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  2. Mr Roo Member

    aye - round as he is tall, never off the phone, and swears like a trooper at the smallest thing?

    worked with him for a few years, he’s a top lad but his nickname at work was The Burner..

    didn’t care about weld settings, just “crank it up and burn it in!”
  3. skotl

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    Edinburgh, UK
    Sounds like the boy :) fond of saying "...and that wouldnae be a good day out"