Keep it or return it? ( bad arrival )

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    I’m gonna chime in here and clear up some details.
    When you make a purchase you are the customer of the company that provided your equipment. Whether that be a bottle of tomato ketchup from Tesco or a bmw m3 from joe bloggs autos.
    You are Tesco’s customer or joe bloggs customer and in this case your Amazons customer. All your after sales dealings must follow the chain in reverse starting with the supplier. The supplier is the customer of the manufacturer and should the manufacturer need to be involved the information must be provided by the supplier only that bought it directly.
    There are service/warranty agreement terms between a manufacturer and supplier and things get very messy if you try to jump this step and bypass the supplier.
    So in a nutshell Lorch cannot and will not discuss your machine with you because your not the supplier that purchased it. As the guys have clearly said above you must make contact with amazon.

    I can however give you a little word of advice related to anything expensive you order on line. open, check, sign. You must of signed for that package to say you received it in good condition. Had you opened it and seen the damage before you signed you then would be in a much stronger position to make your claim.
    Get in touch with amazon and follow their instructions.
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    Send it back, amazon returns are so totally effortless it's not worth keeping it.
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    *update and thank you all:

    Thank you for your time everyone. Im on the forums on many different hobbies for a good 15 years. Mig-welding seems to be one of the very few good communities left.

    I contacted english department and ill have to say they are very helpfull.
    They dont have another unit and wont have another for a random 1-3 months.
    I tested the machine on stick welding today and it welds smooth. Its been a good maybe 10 years since i last stick welded and the machine seems to be welding by its self.
    Since that ill do a final TIG test to see if its working well on tig also and with a small value reduction because of the dent, ill keep the machine.
    After all nothing seems to be close to around the 2200 euro to my door for an AC/DC machine if we take the chinese machines out.

    Now i need your help once again on the torch setup. I want a torch with QUICK. Because i only have around 20 days till the "30 day return" closes. And stick may work fine but the 1% of not working as it should on tig ac or what ever else is still there.

    My questions:

    1) Can i use Lincoln or other 5pol tuchel torches? I managed to find some torches with that connection and swith but it was linvoln no lorch.
    I need a 9 series flex head torch with that 5 pin+ simple switch. If you know someone/a shop that has them or can
    make it happen fast give me your lights here
    . I want it sent with DHL or other courrier to Greece the faster the better.

    2) If end up getting a ssc / Lorch pedal the machine wont look for a torch connetion/switch right? Im thinking of getting a universal CK or what ever brand
    9 series with a superflex hose +35/50 dinse and call it a day. But the machine stops looking for a connected torch with a remote pedal connected right? Im asking this because some strange kung fu may happen since the Lorch has a 14-pin connection for remote pedal on the back and another 5 pin for the torch in the front.

    Thank your for your time guys.
    If you think i should make a new "WANT TO BUY" thread tell me to do so.

    Here side by side with the smaller brothers.

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    you can use any torch with a 5Pin tuchel plug to check the machine. Which pins are used to start the process should be written in the manual. Maybe you have to modify the pin arrangement then on the plug.

    The Ck torches are of great quality for the price. A 9 sized torch is great for tiny DC stuff. If you are planning to weld with higher currents or Alu sometimes then one of your first projects should be a cooler. Then you could use a torch of size 20 which needs the same smallparts like the 9 but can handle two or three times the current.
    There is a little switch you can clip to the handle if you don´t have a pedal or you are welding in positions where a pedal isn´t useful.

    The 14pin Lorch remote connection is simple to understand. 1 and 2 are used for the trigger, 3,4 and 5 for the pot, 6,7and 8 should be connected for remote detection and autoswitch to 2 stroke. A 100k pot in the pedal is what they use, but they told me everything from 10k to 100k is o.k. when I asked them a while ago when I had to modify a pedal to work on the T Pro.
    A ssc pedal which you modify yourself might be the cheapest option of good quality.
  5. Abec777 New Member

    Ok i got a an AES welding pedal. It was like 50% off and the machine seems to recognise it.
    I got a 9 series since i wanted for it to be the smallest size possible because im total newb on tig welding. The only experience i have is still with just stick.
    Im gettingban argon bottle tomorrow and ill try my first ever tig weld on aluminium. Itbwont be pretty but
    im stubborn as a mule.
    I still need a schematic for the simple 2 wire switch i got as backup for the pedal.
    Im very sure ill need larger torch in the future but i wanted the smallest for the first welds for me to be comfortable.
    Ill try to film my first welds through helmet with my go pro for fun.